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FlightAware Insight for Airlines is currently available as a beta product. Please read the Insight FAQ. To discuss feedback or issues, please use the FlightAware Insight discussion forums. To speak with a FlightAware analyst about commercial Insight data, please contact us.

Non-stop fares

Passengers traveling from Louisville Intl (لويفيل، كنتاكي) () to Reagan National (واشنطن العاصمة) () on US Airways (or its operators) paid the following prorated amounts for that one-way ticket during the previous 12 months:

Fare classMinimum/TicketMedian/TicketMaximum/TicketRevenue/FlightRevenue/Year
Unrestricted Coach Class$584.58$933.50$1,563.01$791.87$812,465.38
Restricted Coach Class$59.01$158.98$1,065.98$7,098.49$7,283,058.74
Restricted Business Class$90.58$136.51$171.02$42.47$43,580.26

Alternate routings and fares

Popular airport connections or alternate routing from Louisville Intl (لويفيل، كنتاكي) () and Reagan National (واشنطن العاصمة) () across all carriers over the last 12 months included (prices lower than the most popular are in bold):

non-stopUS Airways
(operated by Midwest Airlines)
non-stopUS Airways
(operated by Chautauqua)
non-stopUS Airways
(operated by Air Wisconsin)
via Delta8%$82.70$141.98$939.98
via Delta7%$84.98$182.54$768.53
via Continental7%$59.50$149.51$719.98
via Delta5%$100.39$144.48$1,001.02
via US Airways4%$97.98$461.23$1,929.03
via United4%$110.54$199.98$946.04
via Continental
(operated by Former ExpressJet)
via American Airlines2%$110.00$219.02$569.96
non-stopUS Airways
(operated by Republic)
via Delta
(operated by Comair)
via Northwest Airlines1%$105.01$139.50$787.01

Flight frequency

On non-stop flights from Louisville Intl (لويفيل، كنتاكي) () to Reagan National (واشنطن العاصمة) (), carriers flew the following number of flights during the previous 12 months:

CarrierFlights performedFlights scheduledPercentage flown
PSA Airlines99100%
Midwest Airlines23424197%
Air Wisconsin21422496%

Load factor

On non-stop flights from Louisville Intl (لويفيل، كنتاكي) () to Reagan National (واشنطن العاصمة) (), carriers filled this percentage of their seats during the previous 12 months:

CarrierPercentage of seats filledTotal seatsPassengersAverage per flight
Air Wisconsin70%10,7007,46635
Midwest Airlines57%17,93411,23148
PSA Airlines27%45012414


On non-stop flights from Louisville Intl (لويفيل، كنتاكي) () to Reagan National (واشنطن العاصمة) (), carriers handled this amount of cargo (including passenger luggage) during the previous 12 months:

CarrierCargo weight (lbs)Mail transport (lbs)
Air Wisconsin5,149,8420
Midwest Airlines4,481,6880
PSA Airlines110,1600

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