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الأخبار والعناوين الرئيسيةA Sea Of Yellow -- 75 Years of Piper Cubs

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A Sea Of Yellow -- 75 Years of Piper Cubs

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Whether you fly ultralight, LSA, certified airplane, military jets, or wide-bodied airliners, there is one aircraft type that practically personifies aviation. That airplane is the Piper J-3 Cub. The 75-year-old design is perhaps the most recognizable, and most copied, airplane that has ever graced the skies. (www.aero-news.net) المزيد...

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Marshall Tollefson 4
I had my first flying lesson in a new Cub (NC 88545) back in Sept.'46. We had to obey light signals from the tower and use the grass since the paved surfaces were for the big guys at Wold Chamberlain. KMSP

siriusloon 1
Old news. This happened last summer.
Chuck Me 1
So do you get paid by the post to drive traffic to AeroNews? Or are you just a fan?