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Boeing 757-200 (N930FD)

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The sun has just come up over northern Nevada and so has Fed Ex's "Diana" (N930FD) as it is snapped here while on the climb from runway 16R. "Diana" was departing for a brief 30 minute flight to KFAT.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This distance was pretty close to maximum reach for my Tamron lens but I was caught a bit by surprise at how quickly this one rotated and how equally fast it climbed away from the runway. It wouldn't have been very heavy because it was only making a short half hour hop to Fresno Yosemite (KFAT) and it was probably almost empty of cargo, but even so, I had thought it would lift off farther down the runway (thus, closer to me) and that it would climb a bit less severely. So instead of getting the city skyline in the background, I got Interstate 580 and the Spaghetti Bowl.
Mark Thomas
That's a hell of a location you got there Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, howdy, Mark. Yep, I agree. Having a mountain only a couple thousand feet east of the very end of the two main runways (34R-16L and 34L - 16R) allows some neat photo opportunities. Rattlesnake Mountain (very appropriately named because that is what lives on it) is high enough that when the aircraft are arriving on the 34s, I'm looking down on them. When they are departing from the 16s, they are much higher as they pass by. The position is great for clicks taken in the morning when the sun is coming up behind me but by early afternoon the sun has moved enough to adversely impact the shots. Also, the baby Rattlers will be born in just a couple more weeks and then the path going up, which is rather steep, narrow, and with treacherous footing (loose stones, rocks, and shale) on the final section, becomes even more treacherous: there is nowhere to go if a Rattler is out sunning itself (the trail is blocked by two gates so basically it is an on-foot hike that takes about 25 minutes in daytime; 35 to 40 in the pitch black darkness when I went up yesterday about 5:10 AM. But then, I'm a 67-year-old codger; I suppose the younger folks can mosey up there a bit more quickly. lol). I've had enough encounters with the snakes that I no longer go up there from mid April til the end of October; there are often more than one and they just aren't that easy to spot. And the dang babies are the worst; they inject all their venom instead of just giving a quick zap like the adult ones do. And because we have now had the wettest winter ever on record here, the experts say the snakes will be extremely "plentiful." So my hikes to this location will end in about three more weeks. (grin)
Tom Vance
Great Shot GMAN! As for the snakes,,,,you'll never see me up there.
but the photo is awesome..! Thanks for being so brave to attempt that climb in the dark.
You better get metal boots/ankles and snake guards,,,,,,,,sheesh!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Alien, Hi to you. Long time no hear! Yesterday was my 14th trip up there, but I was crippled up for quite a while so I've only been up there three times in the past 10 months. One time, I ended up with one in front of me and another at my "left rear quarter panel" (big grin) ... and on that trail (steep dropoff on one side, equally steep uphill on the other) there just wasn't any where to go. They were both doing their rattle-thing and dude, I was SCARED! I stood there throwing rocks at the one in front until it moved away and then I could get past it and get down the mountain. Must have taken me over an hour because I looked closely before EVERY STEP. Going up now is still OK because they are still underground, but since the temps are hitting the 50s it won't be much longer before they come on out. Hey, are you still in Redding? We passed thru there on a spotting road trip a while back; if I'd known how to contact you I'd have bought lunch. OldeCarl@gmail.com TYVM for the compli (my wife doesn't use the word "brave"; she has a different two-word phrase she uses). (Huge smile)
Darryl Sarno
Wow! Another beauty Gary! TVM for sharing!
Tom Vance
Thanks Gman! Great story. I am still in Redding,( actually we moved back Sept 2015 from KMRY) 3.5 more years to retire! Keep those great shots a posting. Glad you are back in service!
Roy Hunte
An outstanding shot Gary!
The reason why it rotated and climbed so fast was those Rolls Royce engines. To quote an AA pilot, climbs like a fighter even with a full load!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Darryl >> Thank you for your comment. Having a location where I can get elevated allows me to get some unique backgrounds. I must tell you that I think the backgrounds in your snaps (such as the ones with downtown and especially the ones with the Tobin Bridge in them, are super awesome!
Alien >> I get to Sacto often enough so perhaps we'll be able to link up there at some future time. PS .. , Retirement is fabulous!! You're going to love it! (High 5)
Roy >> TY for the comment / info. It REALLY came off and up very quickly. If there had been smoke, it would have resembled a rocket with wings. lol
Desmond Ruff
Great shot!
Kevin Haiduk
Fantastic shot Gary!
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