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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet (16-8928)

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Caught the gear in transit to the wells in this shot of a VFA 94 "Mighty Shrikes" Super Bug on a sunset hour a/burner departure from Reno Tahoe International's 34R.
CDR Matt "Lick" Morgan was up front and CDR Nick "Kooter" Smetana was in the back seat.

*** ADDED (7/11/2019) >> This was NOT an afterburner departure. To learn why my info (above) is incorrect, scroll down to read the Comment by Skylab72. ***


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C.W. Reed
Magnifique!!! Worth 50 stars at least! Thanks so much, Gary!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I was positioned on the west edge of Charlie taxiway (parallel to 34R on the edge closest to 34R) so I was wearing eye and hearing protection as this Super Hornet came by. But there wasn't much I could do to prepare for the heat and thrust turbulence except brace myself and grip the camera firmly. And I'll admit -- it got rather breezy and a bit toasty right about the time I was getting this shot. lol
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hundo .... TYVM for the compli. And hey, I'm passing thru your general area in a few weeks (RNO-MDW-BUF and then back the reverse route after a week at BUF). I've been thru ORD seven or eight times but I've only clicked MDW while flying over it so I'm interested in getting some snaps there. Not sure what (besides SW) uses it but I'll snap anything I can. (Wave)
C.W. Reed
SWA,Delta,Volaris,North Country Sky and Porter operate at MDW, so should be something good there along with Bizjets etc. Prob see SBN and EKM very well on the MDW-BUF leg! Just amazed at that F-18 snap...I can smell the jet exhaust!! Thanks again Gary!
Lonnie Penner
Wow!! Fantastic shot
Greg Byington
Great shot, Gary !
Dwight Hartje
Stunning shot with the exhaust making a nice effect in the image!
mike prendergast
Fantastic action shot Gary.I can almost hear it down in Sydney!!
Nice shot. I was LMAO...Lick and Kooter. Is this painted on the A/C?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I took a sec to look back at the shots taken a few seconds earlier in this series as it went past me -- and yes, both names are painted on the aircraft.
marylou anderson
Great shot. Thanks for standing "firm"
Gary, Cudos! Excellent pic. Have one small nit though. That is not an AB departure. The nozzles are too tight, the fire is the wrong color and the wing configuration is a bit aggressive for a full power departure. For an AB departure, the nozzle ring at the aft tips has a diameter about as big as the fuselage where the "shiny part" ends. The color in this image has a large deep blue fire-ball on the left engine and a distinct blue tinge to the whole right engine exhaust. Blue indicates a very lean mixture, plenty of O2 left in the exhaust. AB by definition dumps more fuel to consume the remaining available O2 and thus produces a red-orange fireball, which by the way, often extends well beyond the end of the adjustable nozzle. This image is a normal take-off power setting with all the exhaust outside the nozzle puffy clear hot gasses. AB departures are expensive and usually only used when there is a good reason to be in a real hurry.

Do love the gear almost retracted shutter timing though that's awesome!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Thanx to all for your comments. Skylab >>> I am extremely appreciative for the correction. I went back and looked over a couple of my previous posts (from NFL) and your info is totally verified in those photos -- even down to the diameter of the nozzle ring. I am in awe of your in-depth knowledge and of how easily you were able to identify my info error .... AND I am super grateful that you took the time to share your knowledge and explain the difference to me. I truly enjoy learning such info so as to be able to differentiate in the future. My very sincere Thanks. (Wave)
Viv Pike
Great shot.
Tom Vance
WOW...how in the H did I miss this one,,,typing 7/12/2020.......fantastic heat wave! 5x Martha's on this one!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k0GDQrK2jo
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