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Douglas DC-3 (N3006) - "Kippie Lee" beginning to pass above Lake Tahoe.
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Douglas DC-3 (N3006)

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"Kippie Lee" beginning to pass above Lake Tahoe.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Alien, I truly wish you had been available to accept my invitation. Cliff, Dave S., Viv., Uwe, and Greg ... I was permitted to invite friends and if any of you lived close enough near here, you each would very definitely have received invitations for this dream-come-true experience. Alien is the closest of all of you and even he could not be with me. To be the guest of honor and have "Kippie Lee' as my airplane ranks as the most wonderful and fabulous gift I have ever received. I honestly wish that one or all of you had been in this area. And to Paul, Dan, and Emily, ... I cherished every second of this most amazing surprise, and I relive it daily with complete joy. And to "A" .... I don't know how to express my gratitude, sir. I've seen famous people like Oprah and Ellen do these type of surprises, but never would I have ever thought it could happen to me. The words "Thank You" have never been meant more sincerely than I say them to you, sir. .... Gary Schenauer
Fantastic shots Gary!
Sure would have enjoyed it Gary, TYVM for thinking of me. :) Excellent shots as always.
C.W. Reed
Excellent photo! And over one of my favorite parts of the world too!Thank you so much for posting, Gary!

Gary... I do appreciate your kind thoughts and words!!!

It does appear from all of this that You certainly enjoyed a special and unforgettable day!!! :-)
Viv Pike
Wow, thanks Gary, that is real kind of you, and would sure have been a blast. Now only if I were not 10,500 miles away from you ....
Greg Byington
Thanks, Gary! I'm sure it was a great ride, and I do wish I could have gone along.
Gary, was this taken while you were tracking to the South out over Lake Tahoe? I'm not too familiar with the lakes's coastline...
a mentor
looks to me like heading WSW, Zephyr Cove just over the port nacelle and SLT far background
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Chris, Dave, Hundo, Cliff, Viv, and Greg .... Thanx to each of you re: the pic. Kippie is not a standard DC-3 (you cannot believe how "not standard" she is - wow!) so due to very limited seating capacity I had a very limited number of invitations to extend; thus, I had a difficult time deciding who to invite. Most of the people around here who profess to love aviation don't have a true interest, but I did know several who I felt would honestly enjoy the experience of flying in a propliner from the era of my youth. And believe me -- they all definitely did. If any of you had lived near here, you would have been invited as I know you are all sincerely interested in aircraft and in aviation. Chris >>> Yes, we were southbound when I snapped this. That bay in the near foreground is Agate Bay and the town on the shoreline left of it is Kings Beach. Where that point of land juts out into the lake is the dividing line between California and Nevada and the larger bay beyond that point is Crystal Bay. We flew south along the western coast of Lake Tahoe (the California half of the lake), and passed over South Lake Tahoe before turning east. Our Flight Attendant (Emily), wearing 1940s-50s era stewardess attire, treated all eight of us like absolute royalty. We were airborne for about 90 minutes and as we were beginning our landing approach, Emily invited me to sit in the jump seat located just behind, and between, the pilot's and copilot's seats, so I was right there in the "front office" as we approached, landed, taxied, and parked. Every single one of us had a fabulous time that none will ever forget. Besides myself, only one of my guests had ever been inside a DC-3, and not one of us had ever been in a DC-3 like "Kippie." I cannot begin to describe how gorgeous the pax cabin is. Even D.T. would wish he had a classic propliner like "Kippie."
Viv Pike
Gary, looking at these pics (below), I can fully understand.


Tom Vance
:( on bended knee Gman__ I wish I could have been there. The only weird thing seeing this photo, on 11/6/2019_ I'll be here 4 days 11/8/2019 staying just below the wing towards the curve in the highway....and over to Gar Woods for Dinner Friday or Saturday......who knew?
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