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N747AF — - Russian To Get Ya, a North American B-25J Mitchell bomber (N747AF, 44-30456), is captured here in the dusk light on the ramp at Reno Stead Airport.
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N747AF —

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"Russian To Get Ya," a North American B-25J Mitchell bomber (N747AF, 44-30456), is captured here in the dusk light on the ramp at Reno Stead Airport.


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Michael Hoare
That's a great looking Aircraft
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
It most definitely is an excellent-looking WWII military metalbird, Michael. No matter what the light conditions are, the paint scheme looks super! Also, it used to have the "N747AF" reg number painted in big white letters & numbers on the side of the fuselage but those reg numbers were painted over and relocated to small numerals on the underside of the tail so the entire scheme looks way better now. I clicked over 300 shots of this one from every conceivable angle over a four-day time period in every type of circumstance (evening, high noon, morning, parked, airborne, taxiing) and I ended up with some excellent "keepers" from each set. This one was taken on the evening before the first day of public admittance so there were very few people around. :-)
Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot and catch, Gary!
Gary... Thanks for sharing this one with us!
sam kuminecz
5 star photo gary
Greg Byington
Very nice, Gary. The lighting is great!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dwight, Cliff, Sam, and Greg B. >> TYVM for your comments, guys. If any of you ever have an opportunity to see this one, definitely DO go, and DO remember to take a camera. The old warbird is superb to see! ... As you can tell by viewing my gallery pics, I don't usually post more than one click (on FA) of any a/c because I'm darn sure that most viewers aren't at all interested in seeing several snaps of the same bird, but I'll make a rare exception to my personal "rule" for this one. Rules are made to be broken, and for this one I'll "break" one of my "rules." lol I'm away tomorrow but I'll be back on Thursday.
Best Wishes to all of you.
Gary, thanks again for the good words and you're very welcome too. Please keep on breaking your rules... and if you don't break 'em, I will hope you seriously bend a few along the way!
Greg Byington
You're welcome, and I wouldn't mind seeing more pics of this a/c. So, please post some more!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff and Greg B ... I received a request to submit a couple of my pics of this one to be considered for publication. If those pics ARE accepted, I must also give rights of exclusive use (which I don't mind doing; I willingly give away any of my pics to any requester), so I will post more of this one but I am holding off briefly because, as we all know, once a pic is posted into FA's gallery there is no way to remove it. I am very appreciative that you both are interested in seeing a couple more of this gorgeous warbird, and I will post one or two more soon. Thanks, guys. :-)
Greg Byington
That's great! I hope they get published. And I'll be keeping an eye out for more pics in the (hopefully) near future.
sam kuminecz
Gary, send an email to Jessica Escobar at FA...shes very fast at removing photos...Jessica.escobar@flightaware.com
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, the decision is this Friday. So by this weekend, I'll know which ones I cannot post (because I will have awarded exclusive use rights) and I'll be free to share any others. BTW, if you ever see any of mine that you wish to have, just let me know, k? I've given them away for people to copy as paintings, for use in military and civ mags, for use in Regional Planning Commission reports, for use on website ads, etc. BION, one guy wanted my pics of the medical CareFlight helo that had transported him to a hospital and and one lady wanted a couple of my snaps of a certain paxbird because she used to be a Flight Attendant on it. So if you ever see any, just let me know where to send em.
Sam, hey, Thank You Very Much for the info. I usually take great caution to only post pics I'm proud to share, but every once in a while I post one and then ... later ... I wish I hadn't because it is embarrassingly poor. I've got a couple in there right now that need to be dumped, so I appreciate you passing along her addy. (Thumbs Up, my friend).
sam kuminecz
Just copy paste the link to the photo page and ask to please delete...usually she'll take care of it in a few hours..and she'll reply that it's done. Great customer service
Gary, major "CONGRATS" are due for the publication request of your work!

And I certainly look forward to your new photo uploads... and Sam's also.

Just saying.
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هل تريد البحث عن التاريخ الكامل لـ N747AF والذي يعود إلى عام 1998؟ اشتر الآن، واحصل عليه في غضون ساعة واحدة.
التاريخ الطائرة نقطة الانطلاق الوجهة مغادرة وصول المدة
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