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Toddler's Tantrum Gets Family Booted from JetBlue Flight

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The problem: The toddler's tantrum came just before takeoff when the girl refused to sit down and put her seat belt on. Federal aviation regulations, of course, require all passengers to be seated and buckled in before a plane can legally take off. ( المزيد...

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Toby Sharp 7
Extra nights stay due to temper tantrum from a 2 year old.....$2,000
2 Benadryl for temper tantrum 2 year old preboard.....$2
Mike Barbato 8
A quiet cabin and on-time departure....Priceless
linbb 5
They did the right thing for the mother to gripe about it is not right it was her childs fault and to have the flight contiue with a child throwing a fit is nto right for the other passengers to put up with. Its bad enough in a place of business to have a brat do that and ruin your day with the parents not even worried about others or what they fell.
Ricky Scott 5
From what I hear on Good Morning America while being interviewed they couldn't even control the kids.
Allen Wright 5
Nothing like hurling thur the air in a aluminum tube with a screaming child. It's almost as bad as sitting next to a chatty adult that can't take a hint to be quiet.
WeatherWise -2
Or a screaming flight attendant gone that's REALLY annoying...
sparkie624 4
Just an example of kids not being disciplined. Sounds like mom or dad should have busted her but and set her down. I hate being on a plane with a screaming kid that won't listen. I will side with the airline on this one.
If the tantrum was that bad on the ground where you have options, in the air it is only worse. Get off, thank you. And we at Jet Blue are so happy you have other choices when you fly.
douglas slotolowicz 2
The only seriously worrying comments are from Wingscrubber. If these kinds of elaborate measures are needed, maybe people should stay home with their snotlockers. After all this was a resort trip not one to see the grandparents. It was all about Mommy and Daddy wanting to do what they wanted and everyone else be damned. The first airline that allows dogs in the cabin and kids go in the baggage compartment gets my unending loyalty
Ryan Viveiros 2
That sucks! my 3 year old is a seasoned traveler, and an excellent passenger. She took a 12 hour flight to Hawaii at 5 months old and only cried for 3 minutes out of the whole flight. She has been 2 Ireland, and Florida twice by plane. People around us are always saying "She was so well behaved!" when leaving the plane. We also have a 10 month old who flew with a double ear infection (we didn't know this until the next day) and she never made a peep on the 3 hour flight.

I probably just jinxed myself.
Paul Claxon 1
If that kid was mine, he or she would be in deep trouble !
wx1996 1
A good reason to fly JetBlue.

After seeing the parents well behaved children during the TV interviews, not! and seeing that children completely ignored the parent’s instructions and the parents appear happy with this behavior. I can see why they asked them to leave the aircraft.
Toby Sharp 1
.....Givem a spank, itll make'em think!
Wingscrubber 1
Some seriously worrying comments on this one, showing some real lack of understanding of toddler mentality. Let me share some tips:
# 1, Let the child play, run around and generally burn off as much steam as possible BEFORE getting on the plane.
# 2, FEED the toddler before getting on the plane as much food as they can eat, pizza, fries, anything - just feed them and water them, and then have snacks and drink available for them in flight.
# 3, CHANGE THEIR DIAPER, last thing before boarding the plane!
# 4, TOYS must be available to distract them with.
# 5, Benadryl or Dimetapp is a good idea for long flights to allow the parents some respite.

For most parents it's not necessarily a discipline issue, more about understanding their needs.
Your tips sound like reasonable and good advice. That said, dicipline IS a problem in some cases. I know some really bratty kids, some in my family. Also, you got to realize that just because the parents have the money to buy a ticket doesn't mean they have mantality much above the kids.
Wingscrubber 1
Agreed - but if you can see things from the childs perspective, 'discipline' comes naturally or isn't even needed, but sadly some parents don't even try.
In a lot of cases parents bear responsibility. If the kid throws a fit and then gets their way one time, they have just learned a lesson. Who's fault is it that they learned this lesson?
john desnoyers 1
Every parent has the right to raise and discipline their child according to their own long as it doesn't infringe on the safety and well-being of everyone else. Some of the public can be very menacing and unforgiving though when it comes to children and anything else that may be different than their insulated domain and that will always be problematic for parents. That being said, parents will have to accept the risk of travel interruption that may cause themselves anxiety and financial disappointment if the airline makes an unpopular decision. Parents should be aware of those risks and make their decisions accordingly. I feel bad for the parents, though, as parenting is difficult enough without additional anguish.
John Casebeer 1
Good for the captain. Somehow society has gotten the idea that motherhood and children trump everything.
Not true. Managing your children so they fit in with the rest of society is a parent;s obligation
andromeda07 1
I would pay extra to fly on a guaranteed kid-free flight.
sparkie624 1
You and me both. There is a new trend of restraunts coming out that are kid free. They do not allow families with small kids. I know there is one in North Carolina. I would definetly frequent those restraunts, and as well Airlines that off kid free flights.

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