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GigaPan image of shuttle discovery cockpit.

This is the flight deck of the space shuttle Discovery during her decommissioning process in the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF). Several components are missing as part of that process including panels of switches, closed circuit TV (CCTV) screens, and storage lockers. You can zoom *all* the way in to look closely at switches, part numbers, etc... ( More...

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Glenn Andrews 11
Sad that we now have to rely on the Russians to get into space :(
Jason Feldman 0
I find it really hard to believe that we don't have another reusable craft and have to rely on the Russians. I wonder if all the UFO sightings were indeed the "aurora project". We all know that Area 51 and Edwards have pumped out some amazing aircraft/rocket aircraft, many of the same people who wrote about the Have Blue project before it was announced to the world are now righting about the Aurora craft. My guess is that we have the ability, and are using this highly secretive spaceplane. The alternative is that little green men are visiting us in disk shaped craft - and that weirdos like MUFON are correct about alien encounters. Its more likely the reason the air force isn't investigating the newer sightings is the same as when they were coving the SR-71 and its predecessor: Oxcart. I hope sooner than later whatever we have will be declassified, just as the F117, SR-71, B2, Have Blue etc etc have been - and we will be happy to know that we did not digress from the shuttle back to ballistic missiles. Everyone is doing a face-palm about it - I hope we have something in the works
JJ Johnson -2
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and GEORGE BLUEBLOOD BUSH killed NASA. Both should be drawn and quartered. We are throwing all of our money away on this fake terror war
Jason Feldman 1
I don't have much love for either of the aforementioned, but I wouldn't call it a fake terror war at all. We made a mistake arming them in the past, and those towers didn't fall by themselves. Fort Hood is another example, the liquid explosives is yet another, and many more lives would have been lost if not for our efforts, although far from perfect, at least helps us stay safe. I love peace, but there are two different ways to achieve it. One is to surrender, which are enemies would not even accept. The other is through power. The US is far from perfect, and is not the same union it was post world war two, but it still remains the best country in the world - and that is something worth fighting for. Despite the economy, or the price of oil, and a million other issues - I can't think of a place on this planet worth fighting for more. There are those who would call out all the flaws in our medical system or certain if not all the politicians, but even with all of that I am proud to be an american. We didn't get here by standing down, or running away from a fight. If we did - god help us! If there were not severe consequences for those who would wish to attack her, the USA would be a daily if not hourly target.

The space shuttle is an example of one of those things that just brings anger and disappointment. I hope there is something amazing in the works, if not this generation, perhaps the next generation of space travel. All we can do is wait and see what comes down the pipe from our best and brightest. I hope we have an amazing future in space, in a reusable craft.. maybe even achieve that goal of an aircraft that takes off from any available runway and once at altitude change power-plants and achieve orbit, or even escape velocity. Maybe its a pipe dream, but its a good dream nonetheless!

JJ, I am not attacking you here. I'm not even trying to call you out. But lets put it all into context. Personally, my stand on politics is that I would not have wanted BHO to become president. I hope that people like you, who have a problem with his election, do what I am doing, telling people factual information and hoping to bring more likeminded people to vote appropriately. Your post has -2 thumbs up because it sounds very hateful. Try to stay positive, and do everything you can to "rock the vote" as MTV so eloquently put it in the 90's
Jeff Moore 6
You may have noticed on the panels that there are red circles with a cross cut in the center. These are fire suppression ports. If there was ever an electric fire the astronauts would stick the fire extinguisher in the hole to put the fire out.
I was worked on the space shuttle as a Q.C. back in the late 80’s to the early 90’s, best job ever!
richard weiss 3
It a shame that you, or someone else isn't working on the nextgen reusable space craft.
Jeffrey Babey 4
I love 3-D views like that. Cool post!
Very interesting and nice.
Randy Reynard 2
Very cool image! The shuttle will be missed.
jst1592 1
Awesome pictures! Thanks for the post!
Jerry Ryan 1
Very cool... I just have to laugh at all the velcro patches scattered all over the panels
steve kent 0
Anyone know why there are so many velcro patches everywhere?
Kojak3625 3
For plexiglass covers as seen in the computer display photo, they are removed prior to flight and serve only as physical protection while on ground.
carrser 0
Very interesting.

I noticed the only flag is Canadian at the back, presumably on the control panel for the CanadArm.
guy lever 0
when the shuttle was vertical on the launch pad, how did the pilots get into those seats without stomping all over the switches on the panels in the rear of the cockpit?
Jeffrey Babey 2
The "White Room" team had everything covered and did a fantastic job of getting the astronauts ready for flight. The velcro was there for clip boards, pens and any other item needed during flight. You really don't want items floating around inside a spacecraft, they have a nasty way of fowling up needed equipment. My father worked on the Space Shuttle Main Engine Team at Honeywell, Minneapolis Minnesota back in the 1970's. I will really miss seeing the shuttle launch.
Randy Pollard 0
Hey Ya'll, what happens when I flip this switch??
Certainly does not look like the seats are built for comfort, of any kind.
Matt Comerford 3
the suits they wore had padded bums and once you're in zero G... well you know...


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