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Surprise Surprise No Fly List Doesn't Mean You Can't Learn To Fly

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Not too surprised by this latest revelation. Almost too ironic to be believed. ( المزيد...

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After the SKYWEST suspened pilot incident who knows what, will be required of the flight crews. It only takes 1 person, to cause changes for everyone else.
richard weiss 2
So true. In 1986 we(flight crews) were walking past security without screening. Then a fired and disgruntled gate agent at PSA pulled a gun and shot the crew of a BAE 146. One week later we were all marching through security. Ironically, I was based at IAD in those days and the security company was owned by an Iranian national. I put a pork chop sticker on my nav bag.
Susan Trechak 2
Even though I had been an airline employee for decades & just because I commuted by air daily to go to work - I was instantly on the NO FLY LIST when it was first implemented following 9/11. Instantly, twice per day I was disrobed, poked, prodded, probed & scanned - for no reason other than my own last-minute standby reservations made on my own airline for commuting purposes. Crew members also encountered this problem back then. I know from my son who is a Fedex pilot that TSA still wands commercial crew members - a dangerous, unhealthy & unnecessary practice.
I have read previously that the 911 terrorists who learned to fly were in fact here legally. Our biggest problem is too many bureaus, none of them really doing their job, who don't communicate coupled with pretty much an open border policy. Something really wrong if an illegal can get an airline ticket in the first place.
Roger Deeringer 4
Seems to me that the INS is the main problem. Try to over stay a visa in China, or even Thailand. Strict enforcement by just that agency would put a big dent in this problem.
Exactly. Selective enforcement by INS is rampant. Illegal is illegal no matter how you got here.
Marcus Pradel 1
Yes they could.. the airline ticket purchase is a private transaction and the only verification at the airport is to see if the Photo ID matches the person & the name on the Ticket.
I didn't mean to imply it can't be done; just that the system isn't so great that allows laws to be ignored or broken routinely. If we don't care who roams the country then change the laws and get rid of the bureaus that enforce them.
preacher1 1
Well, the problem with it all is that there is absolutly no COMMON SENSE used, even if available and somebody remembers how to use it. If it is not spelled out in a regulation word for word then it's OK or if it is spelled out as being wrong for that matter. The other thing, particularly in this whole episode, is that there is turf protection here between the TSA and INS/ICE. They either don't talk to each other or back to the common sense thing, "NOT MY JOB"(Union?). Seems to me a similar situation developed just prior to 911.
Dee Lowry 1
Good for her!
NBC News reporting this morning; "The holes are being closed on this" .. After, the horse ran out, sure.
Thomas Lillis IV 1
This is backwards. Rather than give the incompetent TSA another reason to crawl up the ass of innocent Americans they should get rid of the "no fly" list which is arbitrary, opaque and nearly impossible to appeal.
Dee Lowry 1
Homeland Security and I.C.E., should have their "Brain Matter" examined! I would love to see all the government agencies tighten up their belt for once and use a lot of Common Sense...if they can find any! Set rules, follow immigration laws...if one doesn't, they receive a one-way ticket back to their homeland, never to step on American soil again. As far as flying lessons? If you are not a US citizen, flying lessons are not available to illegals.
Tony Martin 1
Our idiotic government and their liberal attitudes will eventually cause another 911 . James McCarthy got it exactl y right.
Dee Lowry 1
Preacher1, lol.."You can't fix Stupid". So true. As Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is what stupid does"! It's not reversable, unfortunately.
My "Common Sense" kicked in with the illegal post! Thankyou for the update! FA is very "Aware"!
Dee Lowry 1
Preacher1, Common Sense went out the window along time ago. I, fortunately, still practice it. Technology has taken away any kind of mental work-outs. Therefore, the brain becomes lazy and doesn't know the meaning of Common Sense or verbal communication anymore. Sad.
preacher1 1
You are so correct. Technolgy plays a big part in it but you want to say "YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID" on one hand but then on the other, these kids don't know what they haven't been taught and there are close to 2 full generations out there now without that basic knowledge and seeing only what is in front of them.

BTW, this SPAMMER below has been reported to FA. They just suspended one account this morning and this one shows up. Both have foreign names.
hallrob 1
Be careful what you wish for. I cannot even begin to fathom why a single person here would want that a US citizen be banned from getting a pilot's license. Uh, hello.

I would like to have my rights curtailed by an organization with no clue how to do their job and once my rights have been curtiled I have no right to recoursse, no right of appeal and cannot even find out thy they have beeen curtailed.

Now, if you are ready to sign the statement above, then please feel free to join the TSA and clueless politicians in their crusade to tear up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But don't come running back when you cannot get a driver's license, a boat license, a fishing license, vote or any other list of things that your attitude will end up empowering these idiots to take away.
Which comment says US citizens should be banned from getting a pilots license?
hallrob 2
Uh, the first sentence of the linked article does:

"U.S. citizens who are on the government’s list of people banned from flying because they’re considered terror threats are not prevented from learning how to fly in schools around the country, according to government regulation."

Then the whole rest of the article just scares me to death as to the level of ingnorance on public display.

Then there are postings of: "the holes are being closed" and "Can't anyone do their job properly".

I am also trying to preempt any latecomers who want to pull out the "anything to keep us safe" drivel. Wait until the Senate starts debating why there are no locks on aircraft just because of the Skywest incident.
They already can yank your certificate for an automobile violation and other brushes with the government.
Ok, I was just looking from the illegals side. If the agencies and laws we have had forever were enforced there would be very few illegals and no need for TSA or new laws. Selective enforcement for political gain is the real problem.
richard weiss 1
This situation fits seemlessly into the mindset generated by the current administration. Local, state and federal agencies are paralyzed in fear of hurting the feelings of the illegal alien (not immigrant). So, as we grope Grandma, and molest little Melissa, we train the next generation of terrorist. The common sense rule would have told LEO's to put the cuffs on this bunch, but our President would retaliate against them, and not the killers in training.
Peter Douglas 1
Can't anyone do their job properly? I find it hard to believe that the lawmakers didn't think this through - when I was a kid it was known as dotting the i's and crossing the t's.
Common sense seems to have been replaced by high dollar bureaucrats in high places.
conmanflyer 1
i was checked against the list when i started flight training... odd
James McCarthy 2
Cmon folks! These people just came here to do jobs that regualr Americans won't do.
Fly Airplanes - into large buildings.
James McCarthy 1
C'mon folks. These people only came here to do jobs that regular Americans won't do.
Fly Airplanes - Into large buildings.

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