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Air traffic control equipment for Iraq

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Iraq has asked the United States for Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control and Landing System/Navigational Aids. ( المزيد...

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John Danzy 3
Who cares how much it costs. We're not paying for it. The war and rebuilding of the country is being paid with Iraqi oil, as the GOP president promised, right?
I thought we were leaving in January of 2009 when the current president took over.
Joshua Reinertsen 2
we "were" during the election race of 08. . . however, i think once the new admin took office they saw how much money can be made off of the current middle east theater and decided to stay until "2014"
tim mitchell 1
sure.... we'll send them all of our NDB equipment and all of the ATC equipment we'll have laying around if the government goes through with shutting down the proposed 250 control towers.
preacher1 4
Well, according to the article they are going to buy new as it is commercially available, BUT, sale requires government approval since it would be a foreign entity
I'm sure thay will pay with the money we borrowed to give them.HAHA
preacher1 3
prolly so!lol
Terry Isom -3
So they can share it with Iran?

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