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Cop Forgets To Swap Bullets For Blanks, Takes Out 777 Window

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An Air Austral Boeing 777-300 registration F-ONOU parked at Saint Denis' Gillot Airport (Reunion) was being used for a training exercise by Reunion's Overseas Gendarmerie simulating hijackers had taken hostages aboard the aircraft. But one of the policemen had live bullets instead of blank cartridges in his gun when he stormed the aircraft, and thus shot through the window of the left hand front entrance with the bullet going through all panes of the window. ( المزيد...

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Wendell Smith 0
Sac Le Bleu!!! Check le ammo.
ron971 0
Were there not a central control point at which EVERY SINGLE ROUND of live ammo was surrendered in exchange for blanks and confirmed by the Exercise Commander? Personal responsibility is a fine concept but I, for one, do not trust the other guy to clear their weapon and he/she shouldn't trust me to clear my weapon of live ammunition without independent confirmation at several control points before a single trigger is pulled.
Grant Garvey 0
I'm sure the windows are cheap, he should be able to cover that no problem.
ron971 0
Aircraft windows are indeed cheaper than the life of a participant accidentally shot in the conduct of the exercise and "Ooops" is an unacceptable explanation to a dead participant's family. Nothing takes precedence over safety in a training exercise.
Arthur Baumanns 0
Unbelievable! He and his Sgt. should be fired. No excuse accepted. That could have been a person.
crk112 0
Obviously they need more practice if they shot out a window instead of a person.. this is a one in a million example of why it is ok if your police force sucks.

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