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Plane drops hundreds of fish into lake

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The Division of Wildlife Resources keeps Utah's lakes stocked with native fish, and some lakes are very hard to reach. ( المزيد...

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mags stumpp 2
Wonder if the fish got a free meal in flight? Frequent flyer miles?
Bernie20910 2
Soon this will probably be sub-contracted out to Amazon drones...
Ric Wernicke 1
What's next? I hope no one gets the idea of Flying Tigers.
Richard Bowman 1
This is news? Only on CNN perhaps. In Canada at least, fingerlings have been stocked by aircraft in lakes for years.
Perhaps someone reading this can elaborate, on the exact number of years, this practice has been in effect. In Canada.
BaronG58 1
Saw a helicopter do this once at a mountain lake in RED River,NM.
Beth Andries 1
They're not flying fish, probably scared the wits outta them :)
Gary Kendall 0
My question is: How fast and at what altitude is the drop made? I know the camera perspective distorts what you see. But seems like they are a little high and fast to me.

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