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B-52 Cockpit Footage Aerial Refueling & Landing

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Cockpit footage from a B-52 during a military training exercise. War Week is an exercise which incorporates aerial refueling, weapons tactics and high altitude maneuvering. ( المزيد...

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paul van den heuvel 2
smooth operation
lwr 2
Love the practice bombing run on that suburban house's front yard, starting at about 0:20. Unblurred GPS coords in the bottom right corner. ;)
Richard Esneault 1
Based on the coords, I make that out to be smack dab center of Leesville, LA, so these guys are probably operating out of Barksdale to the north.
Joseph Sede 0
Leesville, LA. Spent a year there one month in 1965. Viet Nam was an upgrade
James Mering 1
Sat in the IP seat more than once and was always awed at what they do. The other impression I got was how little room there is to move around in such a huge plane.
Tim Marks 1
The guys and gals in blue are getting it done! Keep 'em flying!
slpceo 1
I got about 400 hours on D and E models in the 1960s as an inflight technician on the Hound Dog missile. Always enjoyed sitting in the IP seat and watching the refueling - especially at night with the lights on the bottom of the KC-135 and on the end of the boom. The crews treated this low-grade enlisted man very well, and I was pleased to act as their "flight attendant", bringing the upstairs crew members things from downstairs (lunch, coffee, chocolate milk, cheese and crackers, etc. - not exactly like an airline meal in first class!). Hard to imagine that that was 50 years ago and although the D and E models are no longer flying, the G and H models still are.
Actually I found this video very boring...
Tim Marks 5
Really. Did you serve your country in the military? The skills required to fly a 240 ton eight engined B-52 Stratofortress up into the wake turbulence of a KC-135 Stratotanker, maintain speed and position in 3-dimensional space so the boom operator can attach to a nozzle 12 inches to get fuel transferred, and make it look so smoooooooth are extraordinary. It is a testimate to training and flying skills of the guys and gals defending our country so you can sleep safely at night.
paul van den heuvel 1
in total agreement!
JASON AWID 0 ill intent made and no I never served in any army...just that there are so many videos like this I just felt it to be like many others on utube and alike....just relax your patriotic horses and cool your jets...ok !

Plus the best flying are done by Warthogs ...ahhhhhh give em HeLL !!
mariofer 1
I am not a pilot, just an enthusiast and even I get that there is something special about flying over half a million pounds of metal and fuel less than 100 feet from each other. It takes dedication, discipline and total commitment from the people involved and thinking that those people are part of my country's military makes me proud. Maybe your idea of an entertaining video involves flames and gore. Well, I feel sad that there are people out there that need someone to have a bad day in order to be entertained. Cheers!
toolguy105 0
This was most likely an electronic bomb run. On the ground there is a truck to receive the signal on bomb release and the computer scores the run detecting how close to target the bomb hits. It is really something to see to bad everyone can't fly a long. I was fortunate enough to be able to as I was a AF plane mechanic on the B52.
Joseph Sede 0
Leesville, La. Spent a year there one month in 1965. Viet Nam was an upgrade

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