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New MH370 Report Reveals Radar, Procedural Failings

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One year after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a factual document issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Transport to fulfill its obligations under ICAO Annex 13 has shed new light on the partial primary radar traces obtained after MH370’s secondary surveillance radar mode ceased to function. It also exposed failings in communications and procedures at Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Area Control Centre (ACC) and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Operations Control Center (OCC). The director-general of… ( المزيد...

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homburge 1
Interesting that the first turn appears to be to the right (eastwards), followed by what looks like a hand-flown left turn back southwest-wards. After this procedure-turn-like maneuver, the flight track smoothes out, looking like the autopilot was then re-engaged.
andromeda07 1
The report says:

...neighboring nations “have confirmed from their radar that MH370 did not fly over their airspace.” When queried by AIN how he could assert that with any certainty, given the poor performance of Malaysia’s own radar operators, the DCA director-general declined to comment.

I've always wondered why there was never any information from Indonesian radar when plane was so close to Sumatra and Aceh. The Indonesians are hiding something too.

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