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King Air Seized by U.S. Customs and Border Control

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Agents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized a Beechcraft King Air E90 on September 6 at McAllen Miller International Airport in Texas. Customs alleges that the twin turboprop was in the process of smuggling seven illegal aliens into the U.S. when it was confiscated. ( المزيد...

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Loral Thomas 2
Looks like Border Patrol may have added another aircraft to their fleet.
Ruger9X19 1
I don't know. It looks bad, but is a charter company legally required to verify citizenship when operating between two US cities? I don't think I've been checked when I've chartered from the local FBO, just told them what airport I wand to fly to and what day, I swiped my credit card when I arrived for departure, hopped in and flew away. Easy as that.
sam kuminecz 2
I don't know how it is on southern border but flying to canada you called a phone number with canadien agents met you at the FBO...this was 2006-2007 so I'm not sure if things have changed
Flying from canada to us was a little different.
CBP agent met you at plane, asked for ID for all passengers and just asked where you comming from, where you going, trip business or pleasure...that's it.
Worked at FBO for 3 years and saw drug dog only once...and it was just training for a new K-9
Bernie20910 2
Even if it later turns out that the company did everything they should have, and broke no laws or regulations, good luck getting the aircraft back from ICE and CBP. Civil Asset Forfeiture is one of the most misused tools in law enforcement's toolkit. It's a licence to steal, and sometimes that's exactly what happens.
joel wiley 2
It would be easy to stray from aviation-related topics discussion asset forfeiture seizures by law enforcement. It appears to have become a cottage industry for generating revenue for many law enforcement organizations. With civil forfeiture you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence.
Josh Zylks 1
I have seen some 135 Operators verify photo ID to passenger manifest list, but I don't know if thats a full up TSA requirement, or just good company policy.
joel wiley 2
This appears to be the source for several stories on the incident.

Other sources

glang3 1
This is awesome! I am surprised they even checked their id's. Trump would cheer on their entrepreneurial spirit!
Ruger9X19 1
They only checked them long enough to take the plane. The article points out that the pilot was released, but didn't mention any of the passengers were actually detained.
homburge 1
Pretty expensive ride to use for moving "illegals". Think there's more to this story than is being said?
Jamar Jackson -1
What does Trump have to say about this. Illegals flying private turboprops
btweston 3
Whatever he says, I bet it's stupid. Morons will cheer.

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