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Qatar takes delivery of 25th 787 Dreamliner, narrow seats lamented

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At 17.2 inches the carrier offers one of the smallest economy seats of all 787 operating airlines. This continues to be a sticking point for many aviation buffs, some of whom tried out the newest Dreamliner’s seats last week. Separately, many of the airline’s 777 fleet have recently been redesigned to incorporate ten-across seating in economy, which at 17 inches brings it in line with the Dreamliner’s narrower seats. At the time, aviation experts called the move a cost-cutting measure. ( المزيد...

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James Driskell 2
Sounds like the sore butt express. Maybe they should put put bucket seats in and save even more weight.
James Driskell 1
Of course, we always have the option NOT to fly with these idiots!
BurntOut 1
Don't you just love the free market?
BurntOut 0
Sounds to me like westerners need to eat less. Go to the sandy places on this planet and people's backsides are not 20-ax-handles wide as they are in the USA. Besides if you want to travel in luxury - charter a plane; otherwise just be quiet and give the bus driver your ticket. :-)

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