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Why Is The EU Sealing Aviation Safety Records?

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The European Union will now begin blocking public access to reports and findings related to most aviation safety incidents, an unexpected, transparency-reducing move. ( المزيد...

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If this goes ahead it will be a backward step in safety issues. Typical stupidity of the European Union.
Jaroslava Berkova 1
I agree with David Bottomley
Lucio DiLoreto 5
There can be only one reason for such a stupid transparency-reducing move, they are covering their asses.
Mike Gillis 2
Two things:

(1) This is completely separate from blocking real time or near real time tracking of flights - there are legitimate security and privacy concerns that may prompt an individual or corporation from wanting the movements of their aircraft tracked - I don't expect that anyone posting here would want all of their automobile trips made publicly available to any person for any reason - same thing except that for aircraft movements the ATC agencies (ie government) will have the records regardless of whether or not they are public

(2) Just speculating (as a professional in the aviation business I sometimes rely on these very same records of incidents and occurances to identify safety issues), but perhaps the motivation for not making the records public is to encourage more reporting - without the reports the regulator can't properly perform oversight of the airlines and OEMs and if individuals or companies are discouraged from reporting by the fact that the records will be public then perhaps not making them public is a good idea

Note that not making any records public runs counter to the interests of the media and so called experts who provide sound bites whenever something happens, no matter how routine, who are motivated by ratings to sensationalize any news.

My two cents!
crabit 2
Freedom of information act?????

How can anyone learn from previous safety issues if they are covered up?
Ric Wernicke 4
There is a greater push from private or corporate owners to hide this information. It is not solely to cover up malfeasance, but to a path to cloak operations in secrecy from public eyes.

Many business jet owners want to strip tail numbers from their planes, and prohibit their movement being reported on services like FlightAware. They shout privacy in public, but really want to obscure their activities that might not be fit for the public to know. This move by the EU is simply a nudge in that direction. If successful more will follow.

The EU regulators are showing signs that they are as bought and paid for as US politicians.

Just as the US demanded English be the language of aviation, Washington must demand all records be open and available to the public.
Stephanie Cooper 3
I agree wit your last paragraph. Perhaps planes without open records could be banned from US airspace. That would be the cost of protecting Airbus.
Kenneth Schmidt 3
I respect a business owner's desire to operate without movements being publicly known, and there are currently methods at their disposal to accomplish that now. Without hiding tail numbers or incurring a lot of cost. And moreover, without any cost to taxpayers.
MikeBuehl 1
Need to keep our own blog with stats and safety records available for public view (and updates) .... EU might feel a bit challenged by that, but hey... that's people's choice
skylab72 1
That is "terrifying"! So much so that if the EU blocks access to all types of safety incidents related to flying, IE bird strikes, loss of control, aircraft maintenance issues, unsafe air traffic control clearance and events that cause emergency landings, I will no longer fly EU flag carriers.
Pat Reed 0
Remember, those corporate air craft belong to the corporation, not the CEO. The use of those air craft is suppose to be used for business purposes only, not vacation junkets. Hiding the tail numbers helps hide to abuse of corporate assets and ultimately the accountability of those same folks yelling for the secrecy.
jeroberts88 0
Well The Donald got his wish and his flights are no longer on this.
Dan Streufert 2
They are available in plenty of other places though...

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