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Alaska Airlines apologizes after customers' luggage ruined by formaldehyde leak

Checked luggage gets lost and it may get damaged. But this may be the first time – and let’s hope it’s the last – that luggage gets preserved. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 13
Somebody broke a number of regulations there, excepted quantities, inner and outer packaging amounts, shipping group, labeling, documentation, etc. I hope the shipper is held accountable.
Smokey Slover 0
Since airlines hire only cheap labor now ( KIDS), lay off 18-22 year good employees,refuse to pay older experience workers what they deserve. A veteran worker would have ask, what was in the bucket and checked it. Sorry ma
agement "YOU ARE THE PROBLEM". Hope FAA fines the HELL out of them.. .

Ian McAlister 2
The agents can only report what is told them by the shipper. If they only told them that it was fish, there would be no reason to do anything special with it. This could be a situation in which the passenger is civilly/criminally responsible.
And where do you suppose experience comes from... Bet you they'll never make a mistake like that again.
matt jensen 1
Until the next time


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