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UAL and AAL 737s clip wings at KAUS

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — A United Airlines plane and an American Airlines plane taxiing at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport have hit one another Wednesday night. The airport is waiting for the FAA to approve moving the planes back to the gates so the passengers of both flights can be unloaded. In a statement, American Airlines said the wingtip of the United plane came into contact with AA Flight 2675, which had just arrived from New York’s JFK Airport, when the American flight was stationary and… ( المزيد...

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ar4479 5
Another, another, another bad day for UAL.
Christian Parada 1
Problems happen ever day for airlines, we just don't hear about them all the time. Except now, ever since that one guy got dragged off the plane the media can't seem to focus on anything else but United Airlines.

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You do realize he hasn't been Prez in a while, right???
He's probably postin his azz somewhere laughing at the likes of you...
I still think that they should have tazed that idiot, then maced him on the tarmac. He is LOST his license to practice medicine because he was paying for sex with RX meds...the guy is a POS and should be banned from all airlines. Period.
Sign of the next merger...
ar4479 1
Update.... United winglet hit the American HSTAB.
Austin continues to grow. I'm pretty sure even Houston doesn't have non-stop service to/from JFK.
Mike Mohle 1
OOps, those damn winglets!!!!

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