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Amtrak, with former Delta CEO at helm, wants to remind travelers how much they despise flying

Richard Anderson knows exactly why so many people hate air travel. And as the former chief executive of Delta Air Lines Inc., he appears ready to exploit each of those pain points in his new role as president and co-CEO of Amtrak. The railroad has launched a new advertising campaign focused heavily on why so many airlines have been despised by so many for so long. ( More...

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Sean Curran 5
Just pray TSA doesn't get involved in rail travel.
Kevin Hamel 1
TSA has been involved with Amtrak for quite a while. I'm aware that they have been searching bags at Chicago Union Station since 2012, maybe earlier. Plenty of YouTube videos show that. Even found some news articles about TSA assisting Amtrak PD in the northeast corridor recently.
Enjoys a lucrative career telling everyone how great airlines are. Leaves, starts a new career saying how crap airlines are.....Cynical, moi?
matt jensen 4
Cynical - but very true
rmchambers 2
Unfortunately the TSA have infiltrated some of the more visible stations (DC, NY Penn, etc) and have put the rail passengers through the same sort of do-nothing but highly invasive procedures we are forced to suffer at the airline checkin stations.

I long for the day when the TSA minions go back to work at McDonalds and they start to employ some behavior based analysis in the screening of passengers. If El-Al can do it without getting granny felt up then the US ought to be able to do it.
dc3orbust 0
If we do what El-Al does, lawyers will be all over it because of profiling, racial or otherwise.
rmchambers 4
Your Constitutional rights end at the TSA checkpoint already... where is their reasonable suspicion for violating your 4th amendment rights there? what about your first amendment rights? can't picket and demonstrate in the TSA line.. certainly can't carry a gun (2nd gone) and likely they violate the 5th too given half a chance.
blueashflyer 1
they'd probably violate the Third Amendment and put troops in your house if they wanted to do so...
Robert Huff 1
Too bad AmTrack doesn't address the outrageous fares they charge..... Who can afford this?
Mike Williams 1
Some years ago I took the Amtrak from Los Angeles to Tucson. The price was very close to $100 for the round trip. I had no time problems at all. Good thing because I waited to go back to LA and the train was about 2 hours late. On my route Amtrak pays Union Pacific to use their tracks and pulls off to avoid UPs trains. Also their prices for their food is unreasonable. I've enjoyed many fast food burgers and less. I don't need kobe beef burgers. Just access to a microwave.
Mark Lansdell 1
A check of pricing today will disappoint you. At least, in the case of the NE corridor pricing has all but equalized with air travel. Amtrak, like all public transport believes if there is a loss then there should be a price increase rather than promoting ridership.
That said, he will be working to reduce the roominess and comfort of Amtrak to meet airline standards.
John Clark 1
"You're probably not going to build another freeway, and you're probably not going to build another airport in those places," said Anderson in the article, referring the to the Seattle-Portland corridor. In yet another irony, Delta airlines is indeed getting a new airport location at Paine Field in Everett WA, just 30 miles north of Seattle. Alaska and United airlines will be joining Delta as operators at that airport as well. Everett to Portland is 6 hour journey (with stops) or even longer during winter when landslides close the rail routes for days at a time. It will be difficult to compete with a 3 hour journey (including security and waiting) by air.
matt jensen 1
They have Bellingham
Les Ede 1
Amtrak has been run into the ground.. the government pays the bills and operators are ruining the railroad.. A neighbor wanted to go from Tacoma WA. to Boise Idaho to visit her daughter.. Called Amtrak and would have had to train from Tacoma to Portland and take a Amtrak bus from Portland to Boise... what a great ??? railroad.. she could have taken a Greyhound from Tacoma to Boise, not that I like buses either..
Ivan Rincon 1
I am currently traveling in Europe and I buy a ticket, board the train, seat in a seat way more comfortable than any business class seat out there, leave and arrive on time, free wifi, etc. All these things within 5-10 minutes. No airline or airport can beat that.
dc3orbust 1
Promote Amtrak all you want. Until you want to go from Madison Wi to Rapid City SD, or Amarillo to Nashville. Good luck with those vacations.
btweston 3
Amarillo to Nashville, you say? Darn. I guess we'd better just shoot ourselves.
Mark Lansdell 1
That's getting a little specific.
ToddBaldwin3 1
He's got a good point. Just for fun I priced Amtrak from where I live, North of Baltimore to Dallas (my home). The fare was reasonable, $229, and almost 52 hours of travel (you go through Chicago). Two checked bags? Not from this station, no checked baggage service. If I want to add in a sleeper berth, the price goes up dramatically. Competing with Amtrak, is SWA. For about the same price, I can be in Dallas in three hours, with two checked bags.
Mark Lansdell 1
Amtrak has gotten pretty expensive over the past 3 years and so has air fare. Like you I live in the Baltimore area, so in the middle 1/3 of the mid Atlantic. Using I 95, I can be in Jacksonville Fl., Boston Ma. or Chicago, Il in 12 hours or so and still have my car to use while there. It's a long drive and lots of confusing traffic at the end of it when your most tired, at least in the case of Chicago and Boston. Dallas or even East Texas is beyond a one day drive, and Railroad pricing is giving it to the airlines.
DaveLloyd 0
Delta is shit ! Along with American and United.


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