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UK Defends Bombardier With Outright Rejection of Boeing Case

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Boeing's trade case against Bombardier over the CSeries has been categorically rejected as having no merit by the UK government, which has urged the US airframer to withdraw the complaint immediately. ( المزيد...

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sam kuminecz 8
if the tables were turned and Canada imposed a massive tariff on boeing products, they would be whining all the way to Washington
Randall Kimm 1
Sir, If you had been paying attention to the nature of this discussion, that's exactly what the Americans have done because it goes against their interest of maintaining Boeing's absolutely monopoly of this industry. The individuals are Boeing's hired "Men in black. It's typical Robber Baron behaviour . Boeing will serve its own interests first. Also remember that America is not a nation...instead it is a vast array of independent hive mental collective activity?
Jeffery Clark 8
Boeing gets no tax or goverment help!?
Ian Deans 1
Don't we get just a tad tired of Boeing's perpetual whining about unfair competition and tax advantages given to their competitors...seems all the massive military orders they enjoy don't count.
This is not going to end well for Boeing and the US if they try and justify that 300% tariff. U.S. airlines can only buy so many Boeing planes and if they end up pissing off the rest of the world's aircraft buyers by going after little Bombardier, over a plane with which Boeing doesn't have a match, they stand to lose out to AirBus and to Comac and Irkut for foreign orders.
Larry Toler 9
I remember something about competition, but where is the competition? Is Boeing trying to seize Bombardier for a hostile takeover?
Aidan Hutchison 8
The Cseries does compete with the MAX 7 and does it very well. That’s the reason for the hostility from Boeing.
Mike Boote 5
If that were true, why did Boeing not offer the MAX 7 to Delta rather than 20 used E190's and future used 717's? Obviously Boeing knows it does not compete.
Larry Toler 5
I forgot about the soon to be phased out 717's. I thought comparing a 737-700 series is still apples to oranges with a CSeries Bombardier. I can see the CSeries replace a 717.
klimchuk 2
I very much hope you right
Randall Kimm 1
Hi Aidan, Why don't put on a show them the exceptionally positive comments made Number 1 in fuel efficiency, 2. The C-Series Jets get approximately a 20% - 30
percent reduction in the fuel burn because of the geared turbofan engines. That works out to the equivalent reduction in the sound inside and outside. So this aircraft doesn't have any noise issues regarding the people below the. In fact smaller communities report that these jets are very quiet inside and out.
Bigger Aircraft have to reduce power settings known as noise abatemet.Finally, other operators prefer the Bombardier C-Series dAircraft because the aircraft systems were designed by pilots for fellow pilots from Airbus and Boeing.
sam kuminecz 7
boeing did build the DHC-8 for a while, maybe they have some type of rights to it? it still wouldn't compete with a Cseries tho
matt jensen 2
Les Ede 2
boeing has been screwing Washington state for years... it uses black mail by saying they will pull out of Washington if they don't get tax concessions... In my opinion boeing is a no good sh-- company. they remind me off a spoiled little kid who has a tantrum every time things don't go their way....
That is what corps do. Can't speculate on Wa but the screwing is usually the other way around. Remember United leaving Co?
George Skene 1
As a result of the negative publicity Boeing has received in Canada regarding their trade complaint against Bombardier, the company is running a major media campaign that includes newspaper and radio ads "Boeing in Canada. Today, Tomorrow, Always."

Here is their side: Get the Facts: the Boeing-Bombardier Trade Dispute
Wolfgang Prigge 2
Of course Boeing forget to mention that they got DH form the Canadian government for a song, and they promptly shut down production of the DH6 and the Dash 7, even destroying the templates. This took only a few months, even though there were conditions in the sales contract to keep them going.

Here's a text in French:
Paul Hurford 1
I have always supported Boeing, but in this case I wholly support Bombardier. Boeing is acting like a primary grade recess bully and this will bring very bad Karma to Boeing in the long run. This prescient should not be allowed to continue.
Mike Rusinski 1
Gerardo Godoy, can you please cite a single instance where Airbus is out-pacing Boeing? It cannot be in deliveries this year and it cannot be in orders this year - Boeing is on top in both categories by a large margin...please explain.
gerardo godoy -3
The Leftist Government of Britain will loose in this, they are a wreck. May is totally in a stall and spin. Anyway, AIRBUS is already out pacing Boeing.
joel wiley 2
Am unsure just what you see the UK government unleashing. Some believe that with AB's outpacing, they talk the walk.

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Roch Comeau 13
So when the Federal government took a stake in GM to save it, that was the same thing? That was the US government helping a US manufacturer, so it was ok? Would the other car makers have been in the right to slap anti-dumping in other countries where GM cars are sold?

The Provincial government took a stake in the CSeries that it will eventually sell, hopefully for a profit just like the Feds did with GM and other companies.

Also, Boeing heavily discounts the 737, even rumoured below cost to keep Airbus at bay in the US. Is that OK?

The A380s still cost more to make than they are selling for. What about that?
I agree with Ric's last sentence for sure. I also have always felt the gov should have never bailed out GM. That was nothing but a lame attempt to buy votes with taxpayer $.
matt jensen -1
Like the japs did with autos?
Kinda. It worked cause their was a market for cheap junk that auto makers hadn't tapped. They since have opened factories here cause this is the best place in the world to do business. I will never own a jap car but I hear they are ok. Unlike VW who tried to beat the system and should be relegated back to nobody countries. Bottom line is every corp will use any method available to beat competition. US should never bail out a corp. they go broke and somebody takes their place. Sears is probably the the next icon to out live it's viability. Imho.
matt jensen -1
The japs opened plants in the states so they wouldn't have to pay the 25% tariff on imports. Sears in Canada is closing all stores now and the liquidators start their process.

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