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The CEO of Qatar Airways forced to apologize for saying a woman couldn't do his job

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Al Baker faced criticism for his comment made Tuesday at an International Air Transport Association (IATA) annual meeting in Sydney. ( المزيد...

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John Ellenberger 8
Yeah Al. Airline execs are so well known for their managerial excellence, who could possibly do better? I say we do a little experiment--a moratorium on hiring male airline execs and see what happens. This old white man bets things would improve.
Charles Adams 1
It is a little sad that you feel the need to belittle yourself because the CEO of major airline let his true thoughts spill onto the public stage. I am sure you are good man, confident, intelligent, compassionate. Your race really has nothing to do with it. Live long and prosper.
Mirza Ahmed 4
Claiming it "was a joke" afterward made it worse.
David Seider 3
Oh, BRA-vo, Mr Al Baker.
"How to win friends and influence people, Qatari style"
jcw1953 3
Brilliant! Put him in charge of HR!
phil gibson 2
Yup.... that’s the culture over there in that part of the world.....and for that matter most of the world. It’s always been that way and there will never be a change....if anything unfortunately.....
Just look around..... it exist all around....?????
Ronald Pogatchnik 2
Yep! Another way to pit one human being against another. In addition to Race, Religion we now can add Misogyny and Misandry to the mix.
Charles Adams 2
BTW - I would really like to know if all those women he hired enjoy the same salaries and benefits as their male counterparts? Or, did he hire all those women because he knew he could pay them less? It could have been a cost cutting strategy.
Charles Adams 1
When is an apology not an apology? When the person that gives it qualifies it. If your read the full article he apologies, but, he discounts it in the same breath. That is not an apology, it's a PR press release.
jcw1953 1
Hello All, just read an article in Business Week about his address ...and it appears that he intimated after his address his comment was tongue in cheek....
jcw1953 1
Lastly, when I first saw the name Al Baker, I thought he was a former NFL linebacker that made good after his NFL job was over.
jacquelyn discenza -2
Well i'm a women and I think this overly sensitive stuff over the top. I would like to have the right to say I can do a job better than a man. When did women get this sensitive? Suck it up buttercups we are much tougher than this. You never grew up here sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me.. Lets help the women really being stoned.
Rob Ainscough 5
It's not a matter of sensitivity, it's a matter of not being accurate, not logical, and not based on any factual evidence. And why would you want to have the right to be bias and inaccurate? This isn't about you or anyone's "toughness", it's about equal rights.
alex hidveghy 1
Well said! Some people just don't get it. And that's part of the problem, not the solution. It should be the best person for the job, not their gender or color or anything that makes you biased.
Buster Chappell 1
Exactly right! This page is filled with snowflakes!
SFOBro -1
Says the douchebag wearing a tablecloth. And normally wouldn't THAT be the super negative comment. That brings Qatar down a couple of notches in my book.
What's next, no more female flight attendants? Idiot.
SFOBro -3
Says the douchebag wearing a gingham tablecloth. And normally wouldn't THAT be the super negative comment. That brings Qatar down a couple of notches in my book.
What's next, no more female flight attendants? Idiot.

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