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FAA Tells Cirrus Pilots to Pay Special Attention to Ailerons During Preflight

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“The FAA’s Chicago Aircraft Certification Branch posted an aviation maintenance update late Tuesday for both the Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22 resulting from the investigation into a near-fatal accident at Houston Executive Airport in Katy Texas in May of 2018.” ( المزيد...

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KDeronda1 2
Now the real question is if the safety wire was there when it came from the manufacturer. Hmm
BurntOut 2
My flight instructor beat into my brain to always make sure safety wire was always present where it needed to be. And if I wasn't sure, ASK. I ended up making sketches of where it was supposed to be. I was told horror tales of nose gears falling out on take-off rotation.
Teresa Polyak 1
My CFI talked about looking for the safety wires on day 1. Been doing it ever since.

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Richard Fox 2
You need to sign out of your account for a while Taylor. The amount of poo which has poured out of your mouth is overwhealming. Maybe you are more suited to a YouTube comment section?...

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