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Leaked report: crashed Russian Air Force MiG-31 was shot down by wingman

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Almost exactly two years ago, a Russian Air Force MiG-31 Foxhound supersonic interceptor went down during an exercise over the Telemba proving grounds in Buryatia, a Siberian semi-autonomous Russian republic that borders Mongolia. (Telemba was one of the sites for Vostok, Russia’s giant wargames staged last fall with Chinese and Mongolian troops in attendance.) The incident was described by Russia’s Defense Ministry at the time as a simple mishap: the fighter “crashed during a training flight,”… ( المزيد...

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chalet 4
This accident reminded me of a feat pulled off by USN Commander Wally Schirra while testing Sidewinder missiles (China Lake?). His wingman inadvertently fired a missile which aimed directly at Wally´s jet exhaust; the wingman very quickly warned him by radio and Wally pulled his jet up towards the sun in a nanosecond which by having a much powerful IR emission attracted it and a tragedy was avoided. This and a distinguished Navy/USAF career caused NASA to ask him to join it as a future astronaut, in which he also excelled.

patrick baker 5
highly ignorant to poke fun at the russian air force, for they are not primitive and yes, their missles work well. Soviet military pilots get few hours to hone their craft and their aircraft, so this is entirely feasible that this sort of incident occur. Soviet technologyought to be respected if not loved, for simplicity, ease of operation, ease of repair- we could take lessons from them.The soviets believe in numbers of aircraft- we believe in more costly, more complex and more expensive aircraft, more mechanic hours/flight hour and millions of line of code , just there to malfunction.
Torsten Hoff 7
Let's hope we never find out which is the more effective approach...
chalet 5
Sir, the electronics inside Russian fighters supporting the gamut of missions incliding missile launches are, in the words of a well versed Aviation Week writer: well behind in quality, accuracy and reliability from those installed on US military aircraft. As for the cost of either, you get what you pay for.
Stefan Sobol 1
But does the spending billions and billions of $ on a US weapon system actually get you a system that performs as extraordinarily well as the price suggests?

If you look at the example from WW2 of the German vs. Russian tanks. The German tanks were high tech, precision made, state of the art, and expensive. The Russian tanks were lower tech, made in tractor factories, and by design any farm boy could fix it when it broke. Yeah, 1 vs. 1 the German tanks were superior. But the odds change when its 1 vs. 10.
paul gilpin 1
if you look at combat aircraft alone, the US has more than rusha and china combined.
that's just combat aircraft.
so it's not just the single aircraft price tag that affects the totals number.
Cansojr 1
Excellent point Patrick, high thumbs!
Leo Cotnoir 2
During the Vietnam war there were a number of cases of planes being shot down by their wingmen. It is a hazard of the business.
Steve Collier 3
A flying Yugo? Gotta love soviet technology...
Leo Cotnoir 1
Clearly you do not know much about Russian aircraft. Their current generation is every bit as good as anything in the west.
sparkie624 2
Sounds like their electronic systems may be a little faulty!
Leo Cotnoir 0
Do you faulty like the F/A-18E and F models that "see" UFOs with their "upgraded" displays?
sparkie624 1
I did not say Faulty Design, The system in his A/C has/had a problem or the other A/C's IFF system was not working... Either way, there was a fault in the system on board one of the 2 A/C - The Topic here is not the F/A-18.... I work A/C maintenance and get planes fixed... that does not mean that all the planes are faulty, but they are designed and made by man, and things go wrong... That is one reason we have an ASAP program....
Leo Cotnoir 1
My point was that I believe that the UFOs US Navy pilots are reporting are the result of yet another Boeing software screw-up.
JL Sud 1
I just have to wonder how effective the missiles are if there was sufficient time for the offense of crew to recognize their mistake, communicate that mistake the defense of crew and then for them to make the combine decision for both crewmembers to inject which I understand cannot be simultaneous. Unless there was a very long distance involved it just seems like this is a very short time frame for all of these decisions and actions to have taken place. But saying that we truly cannot underestimate the quality of the Russian pilots so I would have to think that this was a pretty long distance and was superb reaction times by both screws. I would think that we would be worried about the If active range of this missile and it’s targeting systems.
indy2001 1
Good for the news organization Baza, but I'm surprised there are any independent news sources left in Russia these days. I'm sure Putin will find a way to make them pay for leaking this report.
Wayne Fox 1
Friendly fire incidents in Aviation is nothing new. I was an electronic warfare mechanic on the B52H model on a Sac Base from 1967 to 1968. We had in inventory but never used the ADR-8A "rocket Chaff" the was carried in a pod under the wing. I was told that the reason it was used when I got there was that the Rockets that were aimed forward tended to go off course easily and was ingested into an engine. It was abandoned in 1970.
Is this better or worse than the Dutch guy who shot down his own F16?
Torsten Hoff 4
And who would win in a dogfight between the two?
sparkie624 2
Tough Battle.... either way, you get the credit.... But shooting down yourself you may not live to hear about it.!
Shenghao Han 1
At least now we know the missile worked...uh-oh...
sparkie624 2
Yuppers.... It went Boom when it was told too....
Wayne Fox 2
Just not where was supposed to.
coinflyer 1
How was it possible that the pilots of the lead aircraft ejected BEFORE the missiles struck their plane? How could they react that fast?
Leo Cotnoir 2
Russian ejection seats are considered by many to be the best in the world.
Torsten Hoff 3
Russia even puts ejection seats on helicopters like the KA-50/KA-52. There are explosive bolts on the rotor hub to release the rotor blades so the pilots don't get minced.
matt jensen 1

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True Falcon 4
... and then someone would have complained that it wasn't exactly two years, it was this much more or less ... 🤣
JL Sud 2
I agree, sort of like your comment. . . . and mine.

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