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Ryanair Demands £25 For Autistic Boy’s Doll Smaller Than Watermelon

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Ryanair has been blasted online after demanding a carer pay to take a boy autism’s comfort doll on board. The doll, which was smaller than a watermelon, was deemed to be outside of the child’s baggage allowance ( المزيد...

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Stuart Fountain 3
typical, no sense, no feeling - grab every buck!
siriusloon 1
Ryanair is the worst and by "worst" I mean THE WORST. I'd rather swim across an ocean than set foot on one of their aircraft. The anal orifice who runs that airline probably commended the employee who demanded the extra fee. The idiots at Ryanair are proof that there's no such thing as intelligent design.

It's the same airline that seriously wants to have standing passengers so they can cram more in and that wants to charge to use the washrooms. They'd probably make you pay extra for the seatbelts if they could get away with it. The world will be a better place when Ryanair goes bankrupt. I can't imagine how anyone could be so desperate to travel somewhere that they'd choose to fly on Ryanair.
Cansojr 1
That behaviour goes beyond greed, it is senseless beyond shame. If it was in my power I wwould shutter this nickel and dime outfit. They are a disgrace to our profession. These guys are just cruel. I would encourage people to personally boycott this brain dead outfit. Their corporate goal is to stick everything on the customer.
Stuart Fountain 0
And the other crazy Irishman running IAG would love to do the same, that's why BA and Iberia are spiralling downwards!
Jimmy Robinson 1
Unfortunately, as long as there are those who fly on Ryanair, the airline will keep flying. I agree that this airline is a large pimple on the butt of the airline industry, but the only way Ryanair is going to change or go out of business is for people to quit flying with them. If the airline starts feeling the pinch of zero profits, then just maybe the airline will start thinking of the customer. Until then, there is no real incentive for the company to change the way it does business. As long as the customers keep coming, they'll keep on doing what they do.
patrick baker 0
there is no kind reason for cattle car irish airlines to act this way, and therefore it is incumbandant upon the feeling world to exclude them from our consideration. Cheap and unfeeling ought not to be mutually exclusive, but that troll that sits on his toadstool of the ceo of Ryanair is and has been beneath contempt for ever it seems.
Juliaan Edward -1
As long people with only money and greed on there mind keep flying with this cattle airline this will go on and on .The users of this airline are as guilty as that irish idiot running this mad house .

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