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Houston graffiti artist Gonzo247 to paint a 1969 Hawker jet

Houston graffiti artist Mario Figueroa Jr., best known as Gonzo247, will start painting a 1969 Hawker jet on Thursday. He's partnering with the 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Hobby Airport to create the the art installation featuring his signature bright and colorful designs with nuggets of Houston history. ( More...

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patrick baker 6
artistically altering aircraft has a long, hallowed past, from Peter Max repainting his Yogi's piper apache, to Calder painting a DC-8-62 into what was titled "flying colours": these tickle the senses and give beauty to graceful airplanes. I await Gonzo's thoughts.....
Kevin Keswick 7
I loved the work Calder did for Braniff
Kobe Hunte 2
Does the jet still fly?
Chris Trott 1
No. It was donated in 2011 to the museum for display. It's a Hawker HS.125 srs. 400A with RR Viper turbojet engines, so it was subject to EPA noise restrictions when Stage IV went into effect.
I thought he was still in prison for vandalism.
FAwareM -1
"Graffiti artist" in an oxymoron if there ever was one.
Ewen A 0
They should be refered to as 'Graffiti vandals'. Most are as artistic as bog-paper - but there again if your Banksy you could probably buy a plane for with that.
strickerje -2
Yeah, who knew all those inner city gangsters were really just artists?


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