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‘Like Ryanair but with free food’: Airline passengers slam BA’s first and business class cabins

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Airline passengers have hit out at first and business class cabins, saying they are overpriced and poor quality. One passenger told the study by consumer group Which? that business class on British Airways was like “Ryanair but with free food”. BA came in for particular criticism in the survey of 1,855 travellers and was named bottom of the list of airlines, with many saying its premium cabins were poor value for money. Passengers pay thousands of pounds to have access to business and first… ( المزيد...

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chuck berlin 1
BA is a mess - totally non-competitive in business class and F/C service in the air is marginal at best

the thing that kills me is that for the last 4 months, i am constantly getting the same survey. which is a joke in and of itself -

are they that clueless or just incompetent
jmarler 1
Can confirm. I was flying to the UK three times a year and stopped flying BA for this reason. Not only is business class bad, but their economy class is worse than Southwest. Lufthansa economy class has better service than BA business class.
Matthew Bassler 2
Lufthansa has a good product,never really heard any had complaints about them or their service

Scott Sample 1
I fly BA's First between SFO and LHR regularly. Love the service and privacy, the food is reasonably good, and I get a good night's sleep.

As far as business class, if one can score an upper deck window seat on the 747 or A380, there's a lot of privacy (once the screen is up). The other business class seats don't have as much of a premium "feel", but the whole fleet is being renovated to have a new design as we speak.
Matthew Bassler 1
One would think BA would be top notch since it's the UK' s flagship carrier
Matt Kase 1
If you're flying long-haul on a British carrier, in any class, Virgin is the way to go. It's not even a close comparison.
They must have talked to Dougie from AA

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