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Bag Explodes While Being Loaded On Volaris Flight At Midway Airport

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A bag being loaded onto an airplane at Midway Airport exploded after it was run over by a luggage vehicle, according to Chicago police. The bag was being loaded into Volaris Flight 943 around 12:15 p.m. No injuries or damage to the plane have been reported. ( المزيد...

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Michael Stansfield 11
So by running over this bag with a vehicle, the spare lithium ion batteries were discovered and the potential threat to the fight averted. Will TSA now start running a vehicle over all baggage before it is loaded into an aircraft? LOL!

Seriously now, I thought even checked bags went through x-ray screening which should detect and alert TSA to such things.
matt jensen 1
bombard it with micro-waves?
sparkie624 4
Those batteries are not supposed to be put in to bags because they have a history of catching on fire and exploding.. that is why they must be carry on and never packed in checked luggage.
Steve Collier 2
Reading this account raised a few questions for me... Yes, lithium ion batteries explode for various reasons, usually that explosion is an uncontrolled burning due to an overactive reaction in the cells... was this an explosion, as in "boom", or a flare, as in videos frequently posted to the internet? Did the ground crew hear an explosion or just see smoke? Did TSA inspect the bag manually or via x-ray? If not, why? Surely, one of the ground crew would have posted video by now we're it an explosion... Surely, the folks at Chicago PD would have released pix of their bomb squad in action....
sparkie624 3
I have seen explosions from these batteries.... they can in right conditions go off with quite a Bang.
jim sisti 2
Or, perhaps while yes there was a battery in the bag(or not) maybe Ms Gloria Glam had a can of hair spray in the bag.And the ramper crushing the bag released the flamable and explosive hair spray, and her nylons twisting created the spark to detonate her cloud of hair spray
Chris Muncy 2
When has it been against TSA rules to pack a charger in checked baggage? Did I miss that one?
bbabis 7
I believe they mean a charger that is itself a battery. A simple AC to DC converter has no way of exploding unless plugged in.
Steve Collier 2
Thanx, Bill...
Chris Muncy 2
That makes more sense Bill, thanks.
sparkie624 2
The Charger is no problems... They are talking about the Physical Charger, or the Power Pack chargers that have the Battery installed in them.


Would not be allowed.
James Simms 1
The Big Bang Theory......
Kobe Hunte 1
They called in the whole bomb crew.

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