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Canadian official says key software on Boeing 737 Max ‘has to go’

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A manager at Canada’s aviation regulator believes that Boeing should remove software that played a role in two deadly crashes of its 737 Max before the plane is cleared to fly again. ( المزيد...

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DGR Rathborne 2
After reading the article , i'm left wondering how you dis-connect a system that is integral to the design of the Max ? This MCAS had to be built into the basic design in order to correct a built in design flaw . A cheap fix for sure . But how does one go about removing the MCAS nervous system , with out rendering the Max un-flyable ?
The solution will never be a perfect fix , and it has Regulators the world over , still pessimistic . And God knows what Flight Crews and Cabin Attendants think . What i feel , my own opinion , is that Boeing will pull a Rabbit out of its' hat and save the Max .....Or.......the Max is dead . At this point in time ,i do not no which . But it is clear that this problem has put all involved parties in Un Charted Territory . I'd like to hear from others what you think ? DGR
Torsten Hoff 2
The software requires changes, but I don't think Boeing can (or should) get rid of it completely -- it serves an important purpose and is necessitated by the physical design of the airframe and engine position.
lynx318 2
They can't dump it as that would mean replacing with all new software to negate the flight problems. New software means possibly new faults. Biggest drama is getting the patches passed not just by FAA but all international air authorities who, I'll bet, have a different opinion on what's right.
Laurence Prasad -1
Get rid of the 737 end of story just purchase Airbus!
linbb -7
No they should not this was made by some ass that wanted there name in print. Should not be on any board other than the sewer commission.
Rob Hall 1
Given the billion$$$ they are spending / losing (and will continue to lose) on the MAX, I wonder how much they 'saved' re-engineering a 50 year old design vs. creating a new single isle airframe from scratch? Hindsight is 20/20 I know, but whoever thought this was a good idea (a software fix for an engineering limitation/requirement) vs. a completely new design was clearly out to lunch. Lipstick on a pig whatever they come up with to get them back in the air.
DGR Rathborne 2
Hi Rob , Thanks for your reply . Aside from all the efforts , restrictions and best wishes , to save the Max , i personally feel that it is dead , as a viable and trusted aircraft . If i were an airline exec , 1st i would want it re-certified , then i'd sell it as soon as possible . The Max has to much bad Karma . And these aircraft have been lets say , sitting for 9 months , with no end in sight . Start-up costs must be just another issue for the airlines .
So from my point of view , just sell them off as fast as possible . Let my 24 max be some body else head ache .....Thanks again Rob .........DGR
DGR Rathborne 1
Not many responses to this article . This may be indicative of this story dragging along for so long . But i suspect , that when Boeing and the FAA , clear the Max for flight operations , there will be an explosion of what people , passengers , regulators and individual airlines have to say .......or maybe the Max's will just be quietly slipped back in service , with-out any notice . But i think not . The Max is still too big of a story ........DGR

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