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The airplane that isn't

Boeing bet the future on a 50 year-old design. Did it lose? ( More...

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Chris B 1
Its still a good design but the tipping point in favor of a redesign to better accommodate its mission was reached many years ago.

The 787 is a super aircraft and passenger experience. Boeing can make the 737 replacement just as great.
Asia they like the wide bodies like the A330 and 767, although it is concerning the A330NEO is not making a lot of sales, I would encourage they made a re engined option for the 767, might be a cost effective quick solution, as its still in production. However, Europe and the Americas definitely favor the narrow bodies for these longer flights making it more sensible to build the 757 again (probably very expensive compared to re engined 767). Would be ideal if they could build them both again like in the 70s, but probably too late and they know that...they made the wrong call long ago and Airbus has the upper hand with the A321XR.

Airbus has high hopes for their A321, besides the engine I am not sure what other design changes were made to the airframe, might need to refuel frequently in Goose Bay on trans Atlantic's if they were overly optimistic on fuel mileage .
charlie lange 1
The 757 is the best airplane since the DC-3 and, imho, the Lockheed 1011. Update it, bring it back; or did Boeing throw out the templates for it like they did the B-52??
Highflyer1950 2
No argument here. The ‘757 looks just the ‘707 with different wings, engines & gear, The L-1011: was a dream to fly and if Lockheed could have reduced the empty weight and installed more efficient/powerful engines it would still be flying around at M.84 today!
bentwing60 1
only flew a couple of airplanes that were certified above the early Lear .82 MMO. and they wouldn't do it on any given day. When a nice 25 wouldn't Climb at .80, cruise at .80, and descend at, oh you know, the descent was the easy part. Love to have flown some 121 equipment, this one for sure, but it just wasn't my mission.
Highflyer1950 1
Many hours in the venerable 24D,25B & the docile 35A......if you can fly a Lear well, you can fly just about anything with wings! Great aircraft.
bentwing60 1
I actually Flew a stagger wing Beech 'once'.
I have to agree, a smaller version of the high stepping 57 would've needed absolutely nothing to be right where the 37, 8, 9 and 10. Why on earth would any airline want the 10 ? It's a joke !
Boeing "claims that it won’t break even on its 787 program until at least 1,500 aircraft have been delivered. If true, that’s a sad testament to how expensive it has become to develop new aircraft. If a thousand airplanes can’t justify a new line, what can?

Still, it seems that filling such a niche should be well within the technical expertise, and certainly the imagination, of the world’s largest and most prolific plane-maker. Wouldn’t the 797 borrow much of the 787’s architecture, and thus be cheaper to produce? And isn’t this the same company that, fifty years ago, created the 747, an airplane more than double the size of any existing plane, taking it from a napkin drawing to an actual, in-the-air prototype in less than two years! Forgive me for looking at this romantically, but what happened to that spirt and vision?"

They started chasing 'easy money', and bet it all on the Max. The CEO, and the entire top half of management needs to go. I flew in a 757 just last night, and the the plane WAS spacious. Quiet, all the things Patrick says.

Boeing, to bet it all on the inadequate 737, and kill the 757, is reckless, and incredibly stupid!!! Management needs to change. They need to kill the MAX, and restart the 757! Their management is far too expensive to keep Boeing in business for the long term.

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The design is dangerous. Even Capt. Sully said that he had trouble recovering from it in a simulator when he knew it was coming.
Viv Pike 5
You need help.


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