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Iran mistakenly shot down Ukraine jet - US media

Iran mistakenly shot down the Ukrainian plane that crashed on Wednesday near Tehran with 176 people on board, US media report. ( More...

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allan howell 14
Plausible but to be verified. Can't rule out an undisciplined person or persons frenzied by the last 7 days events taking matters into their own hands to strike at anything Western. Even if Iran took all precautions and published all regional and international notices; it did so while whipping up their well armed militias to patriotic war footing-A literal powder keg room with briar-torches to shed light!! Poor souls on the 738 perished because of it.

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msongy 6
Iran was defending itself against a Ukrainian airliner?

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Gary Bain 2
Apparently you have no idea what you're talking about Jap. There was no engine failure.
Defending itself? The US hasn't attack Iran yet, despite many many provocations (sailors seized, ships attacked, supplying arms, money, and expertise used to attack American forces).

Where is your evidence he was invited by the US and Saudi Arabia? Can you supply authoritative proof? You really are of the rails, and your bias is obvious.
Miguel Otero 3
Correction: NOBODY got assassinated. General Soleimani was a enemy combatant as any military from any nation and rank. FAIR GAME!
Kyle Beller 1
unfortunately not quite that simple... not even close.
scott ebrite 3
Yes, it's that simple.
msongy 2
Assassinated? Does that translate to "Did the world a favor"? He was a known terrorist leader that deserved to die.

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Gary Bain 1
Good God Jap, what are you smoking?

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Iran just admitted they shot the plane down.

How does that crow taste JAP MEIER?
Floyd Taber 7
Now is the time for the Ukraine, Russia and the United States to unite against a common enemy of peace around the world. Radical Islam in Iran has been a constant problem since before 1979
And yet, every radical islamic attack directly against a US interest has had roots in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Bush, Obama, and now Trump continue to perform fellatio on the House of Saud.

"Radical islam" is a "good thing" to the people who start the wars and keep the money flowing and the government growing. It's not going anywhere.
Good luck with that!
Radical Islam in Iran? Have you ever been in Iran? Did you ever visit they Mosques, Churches, Synagogues ?

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Miguel Otero 4
"MISTAKENLY" or more focus in "PAID BACK" to the USA? CNN love that word!!! If was a US military the word will be "ABUSE of MILITARY POWER"
sparkie624 2
That is a pretty big mistake....
Paid back??? To who? Canadians? Ukrainians? For what? Majority of passengers were Iranians
It's definite payback I suppose
it has been verified that the iranians shot down the civilian airliner with a missle and did not verify the type of was a military action by the news of today, as this article is 2 days old, and listen as well to get the story..
And these brilliant people cannot understand why the world doesn’t want them to have a nuclear weapon?
I highly doubt this a mistake. Iran intended to attack the US Air Force bases in Iran, and suddenly, they don't realize that they attack a plane until the next day, and at that point, they killed 176 innocent people.
There are no US bases in Iran... You don't attack plane with ground-ground missile... Launch of missile was few hundred kilometers Western from Teheran
Dan Drimmie 2
BUT, Tehran has air defence missile batteries near the city, designed to shoot down airborne objects. These are Russian designed autonomous ground to air missiles. It is much like the Israel 'Iron Dome" system. During heightened alert situations like the other night, the system, given info from various sensors and minimal human input, will automatically engage perceived threats. Bad input can result in bad outcomes.
Iran have S-300 around Teheran... And there were many other flights from Teheran... If there was any threat, all planes would be landed... You don't shoot civilian plane as they have transponders who indetify them... There are no automated systems, people from IRGC control everything...
jcinnb 0
If the pols were smart, and they are not, they would be asking for Russia’s take. Russia would have to either 1) Lie, 2) Dis their homie, or 3) Admit their intel is poor. Win, win, and win.
And, you believe to CIA and US media even before investigation?
The crash of the Ukraine International Airlines flight in Iran is a terrible tragedy. God comfort the grieving families.

And we don't know what happened yet. Anyone sending me links about "US officials confident..." can save your trouble.

The US officials don't have a freaking clue - and they are always "confident" whenever spouting whatever it is they're being told to spout.

The crash may have occurred as they said - doubtful - but there is no investigation yet; investigations take time.

And btw - the US still claims to not know what happened on the Benghazi compound in 2012 where the US "Ambassador" was running weapons out of the compound to terrorist groups in Syria.

And also btw - the US National Transportation Safety Board is STILL investigating the terrible duck boat accident in the middle of America in Missouri. That accident happened in the summer of 2018.

"Iran says American aircraft manufacturer Boeing will be represented in an investigation into the crash of a passenger plane made by the company and operated by an Ukrainian airline which took place on January 8 near Tehran.

A senior official of Iran Civil Aviation Organization (CAO.IRI) said on Thursday that all parties involved in the crash, which left all 176 people onboard killed, will be represented in the ongoing probe.

Hassan Rezayifar said countries whose nationals were among the victims of the crash, as well as the manufacturer and operator of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, should be lawfully represented in the investigation.

“In addition to Ukraine, Sweden and Canada have introduced their advisors and the plane manufacturer has also introduced its legal representative to the CAO.IRI,” Rezayifar told IRIB News.

The comments come amid rumors suggesting that Iran is blocking any participation by the US in the investigations into the incident for the Ukraine International Airlines flight, which was en route to Kiev from Tehran when one of its engines reportedly caught fire before it crashed just outside the Iranian capital."

Janice Kortkamp
Of the 165 passengers on board, 138 passengers were destined for Canada. Isn't that crazy?
Well, I mean, Canada is a safe place until you find out that WW3 might start up soon.
Another, what Iran refers to as, a successful SA16 test. Canada's response was so pathetic and the Ukraine government is quite silent as well. We need more allies like these?
bu olay tüm yönleriyle araştırılmalı ben inanmıyorum bence düşürdüler
That is disgusting lie... Why would Iran shot down plane with Iranians?
And missile launch which hit Us base in Iraq was from West Iran, few hundred kilometers away from Teheran...

Searching political gains in such tragedy is disgusting, and those who believe in such nonsense
Get out your knife and fork. You will be eating a lot of crow.
Why would they shot down a plane full of Iranians? Because they think it is an american plane or missile, coming to attack in retaliation for their missile strike. Some ill trained operators with bad intel and hair triggers. I imagine the whole AAA battalion will be executed shortly.

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Support your conclusion.

I can support my conclusion. There is a lot of evidence that it was.

1. Holes in wings and fuselage panels indicating external penetration from schrapnel.

2. Photo of the top of a SA-15 missile nearby.

3. Video of missiles in flight and impacting with a loud explosion.

4. Massive debris field indicating explosive destruction at altitude, not from ground impact.

Also, generally speaking a mid air explosion not resulting from a bomb or missile is almost unheard of.
I have seen the same evidence and agree with you. And strangely Iran has gone and "cleaned up" the crash site with bulldozers and other equipment before any outside investigation authorities could examine the debris. One doesn't mess with a crime scene. The question is why did they do this and what are they trying to hide? Some claim the Iranians took away pertinent pieces of evidence, including the black boxes, to do their own investigation. I wish the international agencies good luck in being able to do any kind of thorough examinations of the remains.
bentwing60 2
The possibility of a true aviation forensic investigation has been negated by Iranian actions and 'everybody' knows it. The possible 'decode of the boxes' by the French is a gaslight to blatantly exclude any US interests. France is an ICAO signatory and regular Iranian trading partner, even under sanctions! We will see where their perceived interests lie. Iran is an ICAO signatory, and has trampled on every ICAO agreement pertaining to preservation of an accident site for accident investigatory purposes. Even the Russians and Ukraine were not as blatant about it with MH17. The ICAO is becoming another UN paper tiger in the current geopolitical environment. Unless you manufacture the 737 MAX. In which case "Boeing bad". And had this been one, I suppose that some in this world would sadly have reacted with glee. On some points I would readily agree that Boeing was bad, And I already said it, but that is another story.
Mike Mohle 1
Who is paying you to comment here?
Kyle Beller -1
common sense?
lecompte2 -9
There were missiles from two different countries flying that night.
Which 2 countries? Flying where?
Dan Drimmie 0
Not two different countries but, two different types of missiles. Medium range 'ballistic' missiles were used to strike Iraqi military bases and, tactical air defence 'surface to air' missiles were seen engaging a 'target' near Tehran.
Kyle Beller 3
don't even bother explaining...
You saw them?
Gary Bain 2
Yep, there is a video of the missile (actually the exhaust plume) going straight to the airplane and then the explosion.

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Highflyer1950 2
So you are saying it only took the USA 300 years to become civilized, something Iran has not been able to accomplish with it's close neighbour's in over 7,000 years..........and you don’t see the problem?


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