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United Airlines gives $90,000 in travel vouchers for downgrading passengers

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United Airlines had to swap out Boeing 777 aircraft for a Saturday flight from Newark to Hawaii, resulting in a reduction of business class seats... and boy did it cost them. ( المزيد...

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belzybob 3
So they failed to provide a service that they had been paid to supply. Vouchers? Should have been a refund in cash and in full.
patrick baker 3
oh the calamity, the misery, the smell of smoldering entitlement thinking for the poor upper-crust who had to relive their previous life in coach or even enhanced coach. Business class give the illusion of separation and superiority to those who can keep their nose well above the horizon bar for the duration of a long flight, whereas back in steerage, these upper-crusters are compelled to sit amongst the riff-raff and converse or give eye contact. What a bummer!!!!!! And pay for drinks as well. Ah the humanity.............
Robert Cowling 2
Wow. So nasty...

I was on a flight where they had to replace a plane, and there was two less rows at the back, and half a row missing in the front of coach. Where were you to cry about the impact on the 'steerage' people.

I've been on several flights where 'smoldering entitlement' has given their seat to passengers with physical issues. The last one was given to a woman hobbling on the plane with a cast on her foot. The 'upper-crust' full of 'superiority' let her sit next to his wife.

There are great/good people in the 'upper-crust', and there are nasty heinous creatons in 'steerage'.

And Untied just screwed up this incident. *shrug* My wife was supposed to be flying on a smaller regional jet once, and that jet was apparently grounded. Delta switched a brand new Airbus plane in for the much smaller flying tin can. The gate staff told people they could 'spread out', and take any seat they wanted. Some airlines just do the right thing occasionally.
Michael Enzmann 2
Not sure why this is newsworthy. Travel vouchers meaning the money will still stay with United, a liability like my gazillion frequent flier miles. How much would it have cost United for advertising by getting a story published?
william baker 1
I thought it was 100,000 split between 10 passangers. Its now 90,000 lol.
Richard Orgill -1

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