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United Airlines Will Resume Additional International Flights In May

United Airlines is hopeful that it will be able to resume some long-haul direct services in less than a month’s time., including more flights to Europe and South America. ( More...

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Yeah sure, let's load the planes with asymptomatic spreaders and just keep the good times rolling. I cancelled our flight to LIH the moment they determined that asymptomatic spread was possible.

As someone who lived on UAL planes for 16 years (130 flights/yr) I've resigned myself to no flights for at least a year. Also no restaurants, no concerts, no CO Rockies games. I'm not risking my life for a few $$.

No vaccine. No therapeutics. No testing. Vegas has better odds.
paul trubits 0
And no Vegas either.
United the worst airline in the world.If there is an airline that needs to go out it wont be american or delta it will be United the airline of bad management and poor fake customer care.
I don't believe that's going to happen, even before the merger United has been top notch, sorry after flying for 20 years with them, I dread flying AA. Delta - AA has still been completly lost with Douche Parker at the helm
uapilot 1
Clearly you are part of a very small group and part of a group that is severely short-sighted. You honestly think it would be a good thing for tens of thousands to lose their living and that the elimination of a huge portion of airline travel??? Severely SHORT-SIGHTED and SEVERELY SELFISH....and therefore SEVERELY STUPID!
hillbillyd 1
Thank You David. I agree..
dee9bee 4
CARGO...As for paying passengers, no one knows I don't think at this early point.
sharon bias 7
A lot of South American countries are still trending UP in Covid 19 cases. Not sure that's a good location to try and send planes. Better luck would be Australia and New Zealand if they open their airspace. They're way down on cases.
it is understanable ual would want to get up and going as soon as possible..however,i feel extreme caution is advised..the article says if they find it to be a problem once again, they will once again suspend remains to be seen..
Hay que empezar a reabrir rutas. La pandemia matará mucha gente,pero el hambre si no se reinicia el comercio matará más personas
eso es corecto esta unitied so sirbe para nada.El jefe exeutiva oscar munoz gano 1.37 millones de dolres mas que todo empresas aerolineas y ahora este cerdo Oscar y su gerentes quieren ariesgar la gente volando al otro partes del mundo para que siguia haciendo rico cuando la gente se estan muriendo.Esta senor tiene problemas serios.
HaraMaderich 3
Costa Rica has done a very good job of managing their COVID19 outbreak. Total infections under 700, 4 fatalities. But bringing hoards of tourists, bored teenagers and airline personnel into the fragile, small ecosystem would be disastrous until there is a vaccine or treatment.
Robert Cowling -1
And just wait until the religious biggots and their anti-vaccination hordes start flocking there again. They should close their borders to American tourists.
darjr26 2
What country would welcome a plane load of passengers from KEWR?
Elisa J 2
I think that resuming international passenger flights at this time might be a bit too soon. Cargo flights should be OK, IMHO.
patrick baker 2
;I would like to know what the reasoning is here by united execs as to this. What load factors do they anticipate here? Bet the flight will smell of disinfectant, so nose plugs may be in fashion, and masks for all, and gowned and gloved cabin crew. Bagged meals, bottled drinks, just to name a few amenities.
But what are their current load factors? And who tests and enforces quarantine orders on people coming here. South Korea has done a massive job of containing the virus. If you fly into their, and live their, you are tested twice, scanned, and put in a private cab, driven to your home, and, in some cases, left with a monitor to track your movements, and someone stops by a day or two later to see if you need anything. You are not to leave your house for 2 solid weeks, and they test you, and check up on if you are staying home.

Here? You struggle in a mass of others trying to get off the plane, are not tested, swim through people getting your baggage, ride in a filthy cab, or your own car, and once you leave the airport, no one cares where you go, or for how long. This country has so screwed up the response to this virus pandemic, it's a laughing stock, but the numbers of dead are incredible, and the attitudes of the leaders and some major media companies is that more people dying is great, as long as their investments are good. If ought to be criminal. Crimes against humanity they are. Dr. Phil? Dr. Oz? Neither are trained virologists and yet they are trotted out by lying liars to stoke the idea that dying is good. That risking your life is good. That dying for a country that has done nothing to properly mange this is expected. It's beyond sad.
Flying Monday without hesitation, planes are empty my flight has 7 PX and connection has 3
Howard Welsh 1
Six months ago booked United flight to Dublin. Anyway its still on. They even sent new flight info- have me going to London now first. No way am taking the flight of course will cancel but waiting a few more weeks cause dont want a credit want a refund if possible.
They will release their new May schedule tomorrow.
Unwise and selfish decision to say the least!
right on
United Airlines has a bad CEO who took 1.37 million a year in pay and terrible management very selfish they took the tax payers 25 billion stimulus money They should have given back there money he should only get 100,000 a year.No body is going to fly them in May.Most of those countrys are closed and nobody is going to get in a metal tube and sit in close proximity for along long time.Especialy an airline that beats up doctors and kills puppy dogs.United should have gone out of buisness back in 2005.
FOR THE LAST time - the airport police pulled him off of the flight, i have NO sympathy for this -no longer a doctor mental case, and for his little toddler melt down, he received untold Millions. When your asked to get off an airplane you get off it's that easy. As for the Dog there is no way of knowing if he had other problems, pet's are carried in vans only for animals, and cared for inflight if aboard long haul flights, Stop believing that the world is perfect, you acccept risk every time you step out your door. If you don't like that stay home in a ball on the floor. Our sue happy society makes me sick, and one of the reasons why we pay more for EVERYTHING - including airfare. Just don't fly and you'll be safe at home.
Tom Zaidman 1
Who gave the instructions to the ignoramus airport police? The only way to stop all types of mistreatment is by being able to sue. I am not a lawyer.
uapilot 1
OMG seriously. The airport police weren't even police but a third party security force working for the city of Chicago...because the city OUTSOURCED vice using professionally trained POLICE that used to work the airport. It was the CITY OF CHICAGO and ummmmm as if I have to answer this dumb question but...NOBODY told them to do what they did. They took it upon themselves and pulled off a passenger who initially agreed to be "bought off" the flight so they could reposition aircrew to fly another downline flight who then forced his way back onto the plane which is illegal as he was, at that time, not a passenger on the flight but trying to force his way onto it. This "good doctor" also lost his license for 10 years right before this incident because it is reported he sold prescriptions in exchange for sex acts! FACTS!!! If you ever bothered to look into it you would have learned the truth and not spouted ignorant statements!
uapilot 1
You are a complete and utter MORON because you speak without a bit of real understanding of these stories....just watch a lot of tv! Next time try and research before making blanket ignorant statements...but then, that requires you get off your lazy a$$.


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