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Audio from Harrison Ford possible pilot deviation.

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Not to fuel the fire too much, but I saw a lot of folks looking for the actual audio of what happened. For those interested. ( المزيد...

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Roger Anderson 7
Hmmm I could see the potential confusion. No need to reiterate the request to hold. If you're holding, you hold till you get clearance to cross. Guess he misheard and assumed it meant he was ok to cross.
Falconus 6
Saying "Continue to hold short runway 25" across a radio to a noisy aircraft without carefully enunciating is a recipe for a miscommunication.
Highflyer1950 2
Exactly, that was what I was trying get across. I have no idea what he heard or mistook for clearance across but at some point when crossing the active you should at least take a look down the runway. Had there been a ground controller on duty this likely wouldn't have happened?
Highflyer1950 5
Thanks for the audio. The controller set the whole up by repeating an instruction that had already been acknowledged by the aircraft. To rapid fire a repeated instruction in that manner was a poor decision on the controllers part, especially when the aircraft holding would have expected the next transmission directed towards him was be a cleared across one? Many, many seasoned controllers would have been alert enough to either say, “ please confirm holding short due to landing traffic” or “continue to hold short due traffic” in a slower more deliberate voice. There was apparently no reason to rush that transmission, Even in Part 121 ops when transmissions get to the point that half the msg is either garbled or not understood, we tell them to say it again slower. Not often mind you but it happens. I think the controller was locked & loaded because subsequent transmissions were completely readable!
paul trubits 1
And this is how accidents happen. Lots of root causes. Judging from the number of posts a lot of the community believe that this could have ended badly.
Jose Barth 1
..."continue holding short"... is not a standard ATC CLEARANCE, but only stating > HOLD SHORT< makes everything CLEAR at any moment.
ed lang -5
come on, it was very clear and straightforward. Everybody screws up at some point, but this was pretty egregious. "Continue to hold short" in no way whatsoever sounds even remotely like "cleared to cross..".
Highflyer1950 1
Never implied it did?

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