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A British Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner skidded off parking area at Edmonton Airport

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As the Boeing 787-9 was preparing to perform flight #BA3587 to London Heathrow, the push back didn’t happened as planned. ( المزيد...

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Bill Harris 10
This looks like a job for Joe Patroni.
Julius Thompson 1
Yep, Joe's THE MAN!
Harry Thomas 1
1 of my heroes!
Vaughn Blue Jr 15
Big difference between "skidded off parking area" and being push off the tarmac.
Peter Fuller 9
Kinda doubt it actually skidded
djames225 2
I agree...had help "skidding"
linbb -9
Hey hey you doubt the great MH370 who knows all sees all is full of it? WOW
Robert Cowling -4
I looked at Peter's comments and yours. Yeah, um... Peter rocks. You? Not so much...
djames225 0
Maybe if you read the article, you would notice IT mentioned "BREAKING A British Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner skidded off parking area at Edmonton Airport"
Peter Fuller 1
In fairness to MH370, who posted this Squawk: MH did not author the headline with the word “skidded”. MH took it verbatim from the article linked in the Squawk. is responsible for the inaccurate and perhaps sensationalist wording.
djames225 1
Why r you replying to me? That is why I replied what I did to linbb. Obviously he did not read the article. Had nothing to do with MH as he did not write the article.
Hell I even got down voted for a
jmonroe 2
Children!!!...don't make me come back there
chad burrow 4
I push out 747 Cargo plains and 777 they ain't light people they are heavy
Dale Ballok -1
...and your point is?
geroldn 4
I couldn't help but notice shovel. Is the pilot going to shovel a little gravel under the wheels so he can some traction? :)
Dale Ballok 1
Dale Ballok 2
Just need to throw ‘er in 4-wd.
She’ll come right out!
Stefan Sobol 2
"Help, help, I'm slipping!"

"No, you're being pushed."
Ryan Isaacs 3
Paging Mr Joe Patroni....would Mr Joe Patroni please pick the nearest white courtesy phone!!
Michael Stansfield 1
It did not skid off the apron, it was a push back accident. Very misleading headline.
Dale Ballok 0
Andy Cruickshank 1
I am with you Robert
Scott Campbell 1
Doesn't look too bad ... for the pilot yes :(
djames225 1
Why look bad for the pilot? Looks very bad for the tug operator and wing walkers as they are the 1's in control moving the beast.
terry gersdorf 0
Fake news.... "Pushed not Skidded"
Robert Cowling -4
Oops... And planes are REALLY heavy. I'm surprised at how many people think they are light.

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