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United Airlines flight at Newark Airport is evacuated on the tarmac after 'a passenger made a bomb threat on board'

A United Airlines flight has been evacuated at Newark Airport after a passenger made a bomb threat on board, reports suggest. A Twitter user uploaded a picture showing a convoy of emergency vehicles at the New Jersey airport on Sunday evening. A pilot's announcement on the plane indicated that a passenger had made a bomb threat aboard the United Airlines plane, according to the Lakewood Scoop. ( More...

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jbermo 12
I recall a weekend LAS charter flight when one of our slightly inebriated passengers had quietly joked to his fellow partner as to if "they would ever find their hidden bomb". The stupid comment was overheard by the senior FA who then called in the threat, and in turn, making their lives miserable. The two were soon arrested and after a four-hour inspection delay, we were off and en route.

I had later learned however that besides being incarcerated until the following Monday, the two were billed $$ for everything - including the $$ dog sniffing teams (imported from nearby Nellis AFB), $$ weekend overtime costs for the FBI, extra ramp $$ fees (for re-loading the airplane), and all gate delay costs for both the departure and destination gates.
Why both of them? The guy who was *told* the comment was essentially an innocent bystander. HE had no control over his idiot partner's comment.
jbermo 4
The actual comment was more to the effect of "I wonder if they will ever find where WE had hid the bomb." - thus implicating his partner as a member of a team effort. The dumb comment was made as they were stowing their luggage in the overhead bins while boarding.

I personally believe the remark was made in jest and banter by two wise-guy two happy-go-lucky Las Vegas party seekers. . . . I knew the lead FA, and I knew that she was simply going to make it an issue all because it was within her power to do so. It was a lesson of stupid self-induced misery.
sparkie624 4
Most certainly... They are Charged Financially and Crimminally!
sparkie624 8
That is all we need... These people have real mental issues... I am sure he will be added to the No fly list after he gets out of Prison or a Mental Institute!
jaymeinen 7
I’m amazed how a single idiot’s words can inconvenience an entire plane load of passengers and crew.
sparkie624 15
I remember once a long time ago (working for Piedmont Airlines Main Line before merger) and just finished working on a broke plane... Just as I was down to paperwork, I went to advise the Gate Agent that they could start boarding and just as I did... Someone yelled out..."Hurry Up and Get this thing Moving or I'm Going To Blow This Bomb!"...

UGH.. At that point Security nabbed him, He got a free trip to jail, the plane was quarantined in a remote area. Had Bomb Sniffing dogs and other personnel going through the plane... Maintenance had to go through the plane to find anything unusual with the authorities and gladly found nothing....

After all was said and done, it turned out, He turned out to be a Lawyer From New York City (forget his name)... But wouldn't you think a Lawyer, especially one from a large city would know better. He did make a court day and got jail time... His client was left standing... Moron's everywhere and you do not have to look far to find one.
You'd think lawyers from NYC would know better than to throw Molotov cocktails into police cars, too. Lawyers get too much credit, it seems. Or at least, NYC lawyers.
sparkie624 2
LOL... as my daddy used to say.... "That is what you get for thinking" - LOL
Jim Villella 1
Former Piedmont based in CVG from 1960 to 1990 Piedmont was a great Airline
sparkie624 1
Yes it was... I was based in ROA in Maintenance from 1988 - 1989... They were the best by a long shot until USAir took over and then they took a Nose Dive.
Idiot, hopefully, they will throw the book at him even if it was a "medical" emergency.
Richard Hall 8
Only the news media uses "Tarmac." Not aviation professionals..
James Willich 7
Tarmac is a material, not a location. Technically, the ramp and apron are coated in... tarmac.
WhiteKnight77 6
It was always fun to send newbies after 50' of flight line. ;)
sparkie624 5
Oh you just reminded me of a good one on a newbie... LOL, the guy was sent from GA to come over to our hangar and get some Propwash.... LOL, we held on to him over year passing him around... Even had him calling his buddies to find out if 4 blade prop wash would work when we were all out of the 3 blade... LOL, finally stock room gave him 5 gallons of something, Charged him $80 a gallon giving him an invoice. His buddies told him to put the invoice on the secretaries desk.. Next morning the secretary not knowing any better forwarded it to corporate.... Our Manager and everyone had a great laugh over it... It is amazing that you can convince someone of something that easy! There were more details to it, but I think you get the jest of it. LOL

BTW, Don't forget about sending someone for the Sky Hook?
Peter Ashby 2
Would you prefer "apron" or "ramp"? At least it's an improvement from the more usually inaccurate reported "on the runway!".
FAwareM 0
Exactly---the news media's definition of "tarmac" is any area of an airport other than a runway, which is stupid, mentally lazy, ignorant, uninformed, and uneducated---and perfectly describes most of those who occupy today's news media's positions.
Bryan Dover -2
Tarmac is valid term and it is used by 'aviation professionals'. I will hear no more of this he-man woman hater airline pilot talk.
FAwareM 4
Of course, "tarmac" is, as reported by any mainstream reporter, any area of an airport except a runway, so there's no real way to know where this event actually occurred...
Steve Balogh 4
The silly thing is that if someone really did have a bomb on board they would keep quiet about it and not say a word. But I can understand the reaction by authorities. You cannot take a chance with so many lives at risk, even if that chance is 0.0001%
sparkie624 3
As in Poker.... Sometimes the caller is not a bluffer!
True, but when you call each of the non-bluffs, only the poker non-bluffer wins. The bomb non-bluffer loses his bomb attack and then goes to prison for a long time. So it's hugely unlikely a bomber is going to announce his bomb.
I propose a $50,000 fine for any journalist who uses the word "tarmac."
James Willich 5
Tarmac is a material. Crushed rock and tar.
Lance Neward 3
Absolutely. Tarmac is short for "tarred Macadam", madacam being a mixture of uniformly sized pebbles and gravel, originally developed by Scotsman John Macadam. Later tar was added to help keep dust down. It would be just as logical for journalist to say, "The plane was parked on the blacktop (the American term)" vs tarmac. One could even say, "The plane ran off the runway onto the grass." What a silly thing about which to get one's knickers into a twist.
sparkie624 1
You left off a few Zeros! :)
Mark Kortum 6
It is NOT a "tarmac".
srobak 1
Should have dropped him into an industrial shredder
The Dude 0
Completely ridiculous over-reaction by a paranoid country. If I were the judge I would fine this person but nothing else. All the other charges are B.S. We don't need any more people in jail in the U.S.
sparkie624 6
Disagree... Needs to be punished to the fullest extinct of the law! No excuse or reason for this. Inconveniences passengers, costs the airlines money and affects the safety of our industry...


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