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Pilots Draws Syringe With Needle To Celebrate Vaccine Distribution In Europe

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In the latest stint, the pilot of a Diamond DA20 (registered D-ENIG) took to the skies of Germany on December 23 to draw the picture of a syringe and needle. The flight which took off from Friedrichshafen Airport in Friedrichshafen, Germany, took a total time of 1 hour and 38 minutes, and was done to celebrate the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines in Europe. ( المزيد...

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Paul Miller 8
I simply can't get my head around the fact that the Pilot was able to even get that done up in the air so completely perfectly !!!!!
Roger Anderson 4
I can't even draw straight lines with my hands.
Paul Miller 1
Ha Ha Ha Love that Sir, Me Too.
Welcome to the world of Relativity ! ! ! GPS ! ! !
pagheca 1
then try to draw a straight line with your hands using a GPS :)
horizonza 3
Wowww - do some people on here love raining on others parades!!
George Schulte 4
It’s easy with an GNSS and FMS equipped A/C. In the privacy of your own home you design the flight plan, establish the waypoints and load it into your plane’s FMS.
Then you execute the flight plan. (There maybe local ATC conditions that I’m not aware of in Germany. )
But essentially, the coupled autopilot flies the way points until the syringe is complete.
Dale Rowett 4
I'll bet you enjoy telling little children there's no Santa Claus, too.
George Schulte 1
I always enjoy telling the truth.
Little children later on find out the truth themselves about Santa and then they ask: why didn’t you tell us ? Why should I now believe anything you’re telling me ?
Steve Horn 0
George are you sure your name isn’t Dick?
WhiteKnight77 1
Great job.
HP Baumeister 1
Cool! Amazing accuracy and „sharp corners“!
Mike Williams 1
Very cool for those who have too much $.
MSReed 1
Florida Mom -2
Wow what great propaganda! I wonder who financed that??
Craig Good 3
Propaganda? It's a celebration. Surely financed by the pilot who flew the airplane. It probably cost just a few hundred bucks.
Roger Anderson -2
@Florida - someone told me you did
Harry Hallstrom -4
First pick a day with no winds aloft. Dead calm else the picture in the sky gets redraws by mother nature.
Ian Garthwaite 4
Writing as a non-pilot, surely the autopilot would compensate for wind and point the nose accordingly. The GPS track would be unaffected. Or is my ignorance glaring?
Karl Scribner 1
I’m sure some curmudgeon will think so.

Happy New Year everyone!
George Schulte 1
Ian, you are correct.
George Schulte 1
This isn’t an actual picture in the sky but a ADS-B radar picture of his flight path !

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