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Jacksonville Center closes down temporarily due to Covid-19

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The 70-minute shutdown started at 4:20 p.m., after the FAA confirmed that the COVID-19 positive came Sunday, one of 11 reported there since June. That meant there was the potential to cause "delays and/or cancellations," according to the Jacksonville International Airport. ( المزيد...

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AW924 3
Another article on this unprecedented closure which reaked havoc in the Southeast on Monday PM.
AW924 3
wreaked havoc - whoops!
Mike Boote 2
For some reason I was looking at air traffic in the Southeast yesterday (mostly Florida and Georgia) and was wondering why traffic looked so weirdly light. I now know!
AW924 2
Pretty wild. I only heard about it because I had a family member get a flight cancelled and was told it was "because of Jacksonville" so I knew it had to be ARTCC something.
srobak 1
Ridiculousness. Thousands of Kobe have people go through any airport on any given day. If you think otherwise you are extremely naive.
Mark Hargis 0
Don’t understand why they don’t wait until like 2 am to clean the facility when traffic is at its lightest. Least impact on traffic. I was stuck at DFW when they decided to do it at 1 pm. What a mess it was.
Jim Magee 0
If there is a problem like that, it needs to be taken care of immediately.

If a passenger threw up at a gate, think they'd wait until that evening to do the clean up?
Mark Hargis 2
DFW tested positive on Monday I believe. They shut it down on Wednesday.

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