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How American Airlines Is Keeping Government Payroll Support For Itself, Not Giving It To Employees

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The government’s $900 billion Covid relief bill passed at the end of December included $15 billion to airlines, on top of the $50 billion provisioned to U.S. airlines as part of the original CARES Act. This was pitched as payroll support, meant to cover the cost of the less than 40,000 people who were furloughed or laid off from U.S. carriers. In exchange for the money airlines have to bring these people back onto payroll through March 31, and pay them retroactively to December 1, 2020. At an… ( المزيد...

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William Jones 4
Well, if you read the entire article you get an opinion. Then in the comments you get some who appear to work for AA who say the opposite. That is a big problem, we now never know what is true and who to believe.
One thing that is true is our elected people continue to exploit the system to fund programs that are not even related to the COVID assistance.
Sadly, America has become a land of liars and cheats. Whether corporations, government people or citizens. Very sad
Paul Miller 5
That sounds so wonderful for the Company but NOT the employees of course ? remember when AA took over TWA and said that they would keep all of that companies employees ? Yea RIGHT did they do that? NOPE they did not, because when 911 came along TWA employee's were first out the door if I remember rightly.

Greg S 3
How is not wonderful for the employees? They get *full* pay to sit at home and watch Netflix until March 31. This is a special gift from taxpayers to airlines employees. Everyone else in all the other industries hard-hit by Covid get maybe a few K$.

But yes, the law is also a huge handout to airlines from the taxpayer. I don't know if you're aware of this but these laws are written by Congress and signed by the President. Perhaps you should redirect most of your ire towards the people who made these atrocious laws.
jmilleratp 2
We have to remember: The United States is run by lobbyists, not the American people. So, what lobbyists want is what gets into bills and laws. So, the airlines' lobbyists pushed for maximum dollars, and that's it. The hard-earned money that we hand over to the government simply goes into a vault that is open to those who claim to be our representatives. They listen to the lobbyists, and hand out the money they are told to hand out.
mary susan watkins 1
i would prefer to have more specific and verifiable information on this is a fact that all of the airlines have cut service to various destinations,or have eliminated some at least is also a fact the whole point behind giving money to the airlines was in order to avoid bankruptcies and laying off workers and to keep at least some aircraft flying,,this artilce does not point out that the money was not just "handed out" to the airlines,but it is a LOAN that must be repaid when times are better for travel..thousands of enmployees to keep on when there are no planes flying is a "tough" call,and the money given to those who are furloughed or laid off,is akin to unemployment for a certain period of time..i know the "ins and outs" of the airline business,and although i was more familiar with the way the "old" american operated prior to u s airways taking over,management knows how to handle unions,payrolls,sick leaves,termination and WARN letters and a whole lot of other things,and the unions do take care of their own with management..
Michael McMurtrey 1
Why should this be surprising? There's nothing more "American" than corporate greed. I'll take a train, drive, bicycle, or walk rather than fly American Airlines.

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