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The history of the world's greatest airport planning blunder - Part 1

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Montréal-Mirabel International Airport was once planned to be one of the largest airports in the world. Envisaged as a major hub connecting Europe with North America, it would have featured six runways and six passenger terminals in its final layout. However, for a variety of reasons, this grand vision never materialized. The airport never handled more than 3 million passengers annually, and in 2004, it was closed for passenger traffic. Mirabel became known as the biggest airport planning… ( المزيد...

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canuck44 3
Ironically, Mirabel probably saved Dorval which handled 20 Million passengers last year with most of the cargo relocated to the former.
djames225 2
True. It may seem like a blunder but considering the amt. of cargo handled, and the maintenance and manufacture facilities at Mirabel, it may have been one of the best ever.
Marnix Groot 0
Hi, I'm the author of the article. I don't fully agree with your statement, but the project has certainly found partial redemption by the development of the aviation production cluster.
Alan Wang 2
Very interesting and great research!!! I love how take people to how planners looked at the world.
Camilla Wu 3
I live in Montreal and this is both a fascinating and tragic story.
jbqwik 1
Interesting bit of aviation history.
Highflyer1950 1
The fact that your domestic flight connection was 29 miles away at another airport doesn’t help either?
Marnix Groot 0
Hi, I will get to the reasons for failure in one of the upcoming parts. I hope you enjoyed the article!

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