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F-15 pilots eject from plane on St. Louis runway

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One pilot injured and one not injured. Occurred while airplane was on the runway at MidAmerica Airport ( المزيد...

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Chris B 17
News at 11, F15 rejects pilots and activates the ejection seats. :)
Jeremy Truesdell 5
Looks like they had a runway excursion and panicked. Those seats may be Zero-Zero, but I definitely wouldn’t want to take that ride on the ground unless I had to.
tomasz dabrowski 4
One landed at gate 1 the other at gate 7.
Mike Davis 4
Aren't you supposed to check all systems, pull all the handles?
Heatseekerws6 16
Check that box...EJECT handle works!
Gary Eldridge 2
Hey, what's this red handle? Let's see if it does anything.
mmc7090 2
That's what a real pink slip looks like.
AQP try again? Maybe a good look at the simulator checks next time?
Mike Webb 3
Yup, if says that both people on the aircraft were US servicemen, then they probably were.
Jesse Carroll 1
The ejection seats worked just fine! All the other BS in the reviews is just that! BS!!!
emkostiuk 1
Anybody know who was driving?
Michael Enzmann 1
The Military Times states they were members of the US Military, one USAF pilot and the other US Navy. They were performing a check ride required before an aircraft can be turned over to a foreign buyer.
Robert Joseph -6
I would assume the Qatar Emiri Air Force pilot was the pilot in command. It'll be interested to see who it was. Possibly their guy in the front seat and ours in the back.
emkostiuk 5
“An F-15QA, recently accepted by the Air Force from the Boeing Corporation, departed the runway today at MidAmerica Airport, Ill. Two U.S. active-duty pilots who were on board ejected safely and received minor injuries. The aircraft was slated to be transferred to the Qatari Air Force through the Foreign Military Sales program. The incident is currently under investigation."
Dale Ballok -1
If the plane “departed the runway”, then I assume it took off. If it did, how did it not crash?
Very confusing story!!!
Michael Penney 5
Picture looks like departed runway into grass.
Diallo Creal 2
"Departed the rwy" is a phrase used when a landing a/c (or one taking off that isn't yet airborne) goes off the side or end of the runway. Sounds like they landed and either didn't slow down in time before the end or had a directional control problem. Leaving a prepared surface in a fighter a/c at high speed is more dangerous than in a transport category a/c due to the relatively high/thin landing gear. Ejecting can be the preferred option in many cases.
belzybob 6
I don't see anywhere in the article that a Qatari was actually involved, just what would be happening in the future.
Larry Toler -1
I read in a different story it was Qatari pilots training in their new F15. It was on my Google newsfeed yesterday but I can't find it.
Jim Smirh 4
Google can give you 10,000 answers, a librarian can give the correct one. Google is nothing more than an advertising agency.
Mark Paladino 0

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