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British Airways Says Death of Four Pilots Not Linked

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"British Airways has confirmed that four of its pilots died recently, but has asserted that their deaths aren’t connected, shooting down speculation that the airline is in “crisis talks” with the UK government." This is a very concerning story. Four healthy pilots suddenly die within a short period of time - what could be the cause? British Airways has mandated that all cabin crew be vaccinated so presumably these pilots were vaccinated. Did the vaccine kill them? In young men with… ( المزيد...

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Kevin Keswick 0
There needs to be a discussion about the ethics of forcing young healthy people to get vaccinated as a condition of their employment because they are not at great risk of dying from covid (0.4% fatality rate for people in their 40's) .

For the travelling public this presents obvious health concerns. What happens if a once healthy pilot suffers a heart attack while landing an A/C as a result of getting a second jab in the arm?
paul trubits 0
Getting vaccinated is about you not making someone else sick.

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