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United’s upgrading 8 Hawaii routes with its nicest wide-body jets

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Over the weekend, United Airlines filed a notable schedule update to eight of its Hawaii routes from the mainland, per Cirium schedules. The Chicago-based carrier removed its high-density Pratt & Whitney-powered Boeing 777s from the routes and instead swapped in some of its nicest jets in the fleet for much of the winter season. ( المزيد...

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Matt West 3
I remember doing to SFO-HNL hop on the 747 back in the 90s. Nothing will ever top the experience of being in that beautiful craft when landing on the Ocean platform runways.
nemosteve1080i 2
I remember UA 107, early morning 747 service EWR/ORD, continuing to ??. Always a fun ride!

Who here remembers UA56, repowered DC8 service SEA/IAD? A great ride and an even better rotation experience when a former carrier pilot was in command. The takeoff rolls were :28 seconds!
Once we learned that the P&W 777 can’t stay in the air on a single engine, some of the fun went out of the trans-Pacific trip on that type.
Peter Fuller 2
All 777s, regardless of engine type, are capable of staying in the air on a single engine. If not the type wouldn’t have been certified.
You’re not paying attention, are you?
mbrews 1
Yes, that’s the pivotal reason why the Pratt powered 777s remain grounded by FAA action. Search for Capt. Bentham UAL 1175 Interview to see the Captains account of the incident on Juan Brown,s YouTube channel . The fan blade loss ripped off the engine cowling & damaged key electrical cables. Capt. Benhams superior airmanship allowed him to keep the damaged aircraft airborne for the remaining 1 hour to Hawaii. If a lesser skilled pilot had been in the left seat, a couple hundred passengers might have perished from the Blade Loss incident.

mbrews -4
The key point in this article : Equipment swaps are to compensate for the still-grounded ANCIENT United 777s with the Pratt 4000 series engines. The article goes on to say United plans to return Pratt 777s to service on some routes in coming months. As for me - if it’s a Pratt Boeing (777). I’m NOT GOING.

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