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American Airlines flight to the Bahamas canceled when Massachusetts high schoolers refused to wear masks

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Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Monday was the scene of a protest by a group of Massachusetts high schoolers who refused to wear masks, causing an American Airlines flight to the Bahamas to be canceled and creating a nightmare for dozens of passengers left stranded, reports say. ( المزيد...

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Silent Bob 2
While I am not supporting the actions of the "kids" in this story, I don't buy for one second that the flight was canceled because of them. There is a link to the original story which provides more (unconfirmed) details. It says there was a 2 hour delay on the plane for maintenance, during which some students removed their masks. Then all passengers were removed in order to change planes, at which point the group was told they were not allowed to re-board because of their actions. The ensuing delay lasted "a few hours" while they changed crews, after which they were told they would be allowed to board, however at this point the flight was postponed to the following day due to crew duty issues.

There is no way the airline would hold an entire plane hostage because a few people weren't wearing their masks. They would be asked to leave, and if they refused the authorities would be called. This article clearly implies that the group of miscreants was directly responsible for the delay, when it seems the actual cause was maintenance and duty time issues, and the bad behavior was just ancillary.
mbrews 2
DUPLICATE SQUAWK, about 16 hours after the earlier posting
Dan Anderson 3
So, what was the original complaint that these tykes figured they had the right to protest? I guess in their education, they did not learn anything about cooperation but only individual/mob rule?

I am about to sound like an old poop, (maybe I am), but back in my day, that would have equated to at LEAST being suspended from school if not expelled.
Lewis Tripp 1
and a good ass whipping
djames225 3
"WSOC-TV said that according to police sources, no one was arrested."???
We have been hearing many other reports from different airports of unruly passengers getting their butts hauled off by the constabulary, so WTHeck gives these little indignant rejects the right to not get slapped with cuffs???
matt jensen 1
wag the dpg to get compliance. They arrived on flight from Boston to Charlotte didn't they?
Must have worn masks then.
Robert Cowling 1
Where was the chaperone? Their chaperone should have been jailed, at least overnight. I would have locked their entitled asses in the TSA terminal jail/detention cell.

With groups of brats, it's usually one or two kids that start the naughty. Make them all sit in the cell overnight, and the leaders will be coughed up for more punishment.

I mean, not 'punishing' the brats, and making them responsible for the cost to cancel the flight means there is no negative for being an entitled ignorant ass. Getting kids in the future to follow the rules will become harder. Give them an inch, and they will expect a mile next time. And the chaperone should be publicly spanked. The pandemic is real, and the variants are nothing to laugh at, and will continue to become more deadly.
patrick baker 1
the little tyrants need a lesson in civic compliance, with more than a slap on the wrist. Another instance of the loss of civics classes in schools has confused students needing guidance on our mutual responsibilities as americans. Hope the little buggers enjoyed their bus ride home
godutch 0
We'd still be under British (or French?) rule were it not for civil NON-compliance. Be careful what you say. If you are a 'government-knows-what's-best-for-us' kind of guy, well...I'm not sure I can say what I feel on here. I don't condone what these kids did, but your comment is what compelled me to respond.
patrick baker 0
mask compliance in the midst of a new viral pandemic that is killing more americans lately is not comparable to the sins and misdeeds of the British government against the colonial settlers or the French in the part of america they controlled before the Louisiana Purchase. Seperate and not connected are these things. Americans DNA contains ressistance against rules and regulations, but that behavior must stop, by statue and enforcement, when acting to further spread a deadly virus is in play. Act up all you wish once the virus is tamed and more than 70% are vaccinated.
Dennis Dulac 1
Aah little Massholes.. and they will grow up to be big Massholes!!
paul trubits -2
There is plenty of blame to go around. First: AA travel desk allowing Breakaway Beach to book trips with one "counselor" per twenty-five students(from Breakaway's web site). Two: the parents allowing their children to travel to a foreign country with this company. Three: AA once again not able to provide an aircraft to fly their passengers to their destination. Also, AA did not offer to give the group hotel and meal vouchers. Sleeping in the airport is not an option since they close it for some reason from 2-4am(been there; done that). There is no excuse for the high school kids bad behavior. There is no excuse for AA to treat there customers this badly. They usually reserve this treatment for their "feeder" airlines.

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