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Delta Air Lines refuses to use the name of the delta COVID-19 variant: 'We just call it the variant'

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Delta Air Lines does not use the name of the new COVID-19 variant named "delta" by the World Health Organization. CEO Ed Bastian told the Wall Street Journal "we just call it the variant." The Greek alphabet is used when naming variants to discourage stigmatization based on their country of origin. Delta Air Lines has joined Corona beer in the exclusive club of brands that have been wronged by the naming of the novel coronavirus and its variants. Among the latest variants of… ( المزيد...

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dsavit 8
I wonder how Delta Faucets feels....or Delta Dental? News at its finest.
Denelle Keeler 5
Don't take it personal Delta, no one in the city of Corona does.
Robert Cowling 1
Or the beer?
The DELTA Variant is just the India variant renamed. India used Ivermectin and eliminated it...
Mike Hindson-Evans 2
Sorry, I had read this twice before I understood their apparent sensitivity. Somehow, "the variant that dare not speak its name" has a nice ring to it!
Jamar Jackson 2
Doesn’t Delta Airlines require the vaccine for employment of all new hires? Seems they would want to use the name “Delta” for marketing and publicity
John A. Johnson 2
Ya, so try living in the City of Corona, California! "Oh well"..... ;-)
Fly Southwest, no variants, no fees, and your bag fly's free!@!
ThinkingGuy 2
How about calling it the "dixie" variant? :)

By the way, the original article is here:
Geoffrey Peckham 1
You beat me to it. Those who know ATL understand why.
Doug Parker 1
There never a thing as *bad press,* just be sure the name gets spelled correctly.
Mike Mohle -1
Or they could just use the real name for it: "India Variant".
Robert Cowling -4
Aren't you so witty... I'm sure you will kill them at the COVID wing at the local hospital. *YUCK* *YUCK*...
David Tsai 0
Yeah, I guess that I wouldn't want to use its name if I had the same name, either.

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