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United Airlines evacuates plane ready for take off after multiple passengers receive ominous text message

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A United Airlines flight was evacuated ahead of take-off at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday after a teenager sent a picture of an Airsoft gun to other passengers onboard via Airdrop, an iPhone feature that allows sharing between other Apple Inc. products. ( المزيد...

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Silent Bob 4
SMH. The passengers were not "evacuated", they were deplaned and rescreened by security. I know the media is dumb and all, but when you say "evacuation" of a commercial airliner that means slides deployed and people exiting onto the ground, not an air conditioned jetway.
mary susan watkins 3 essence you are correct..the person or persons who wrote the article probably should have said as a header," Ual passengers on sfo departing flight forced to deplane due to security issue"..that would have been just a "hair" shorter and still have gotten the readers attention...
sparkie624 2
None ever said the Media every got things right... Besides... They always try to make a title more exciting than the article is to begin with... LOL!
Charlie Roberts 1
It is so great to live in a world where we are scared of pictures....
Justin Biemer -1
The kid is the fortunate one here, he didn't have to fly United.

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