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EU Advises Its Countries To Block Non-Essential Travel From US

The summer respite for transatlantic tourism has come to an end. ( More...

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mbrews 4
- Putting aside the various rants on this thread - Back in June 2021, the EU listed the USA, Japan, and a few others as low-Covid nations whose citizen tourists would NOT need to quarantine upon entry.

Now comes a scheduled removal of USA from that list. USA covid case counts are recently increased. Some EU nations, <example : Italy> might continue with less restrictive measures for US tourists. In coming days, expect more clarification of the actual rules and regs on a per-country basis.
Robert Cowling 18
This country could have managed the pandemic so much better. Now we have people urging bloodshed and forcibly removing elected school board officials. People denying science has become normal, people freaking out about potentially surviving the pandemic is absurd.

America, under extremist exaggerations, has become a hot mess of violence and stupidity that is being shunned by other countries. How far, and how severely we have fallen.

Hate, anger, violence, religion, all sell better than sex.
Michael Wise 5
Unfortunately, Robert, you are so very sadly correct.
Tommy Boy 2
Unfortunately, Robert, you're wrong. There is just too much stupidity and stubborn ignorance in our government and general population in this country to handle a health crisis any better than we have.

The superstitious and uneducated "believe" they know better than people who have studied this for years. they refuse to believe the CDC, they don't trust science or the scientists or the vaccines that have been developed even when the statistics prove their efficacy beyond a doubt.

Finally, we as a nation are too timid to overrule the idiots and take control of the healthcare decisions that needed to be made. Here, we allow the morons to tell the rest of us what we will do when we should be telling them to either get vaccinated or remove themselves from public society. It will come to that. It's just a matter of time.
Jim Quinn -2
We can no longer trust the science, the CDC, the numbers, the administration, the FBI, the (non-)vaccines, the media, the election results, the legal system....
MrTommy 5
The only "science" we have now is Political Science.

Ed Brehm -1
Right on Jim. It now appears the vaccinated are the new super spreaders.
Mike Mohle -6
Indeed, American citizens MUST get the [then] unapproved vaccine but at the same time our same government is actively importing people from south of the border with COVID + NO Vaccine, and no requirement to get it. Something certainly fishy................
Jim Mitchell 5
My God can't you people (Americans) ever get together. People are dying because of your ignorance.
Tommy Boy 1
Intelligent, responsible people refuse to "get together" with the ignorant superstitious unvaccinated people.
Wayne Fox -1
I can and do trust these people.
ADXbear 8
GET A FREAKING SHOT so society can function without fear.. its the only answer.. the EU doesn't want our attitude about this pandemic over there and I can't blame them.. we should have locked our boards the best way possible last year..
Michael Cole 0
“We should have locked our borders last year?” We have a wide open southern border this year, with hundreds of thousands of illegals being invited in every month. How about we close the borders this year?
Wayne Fox 0
Exactly! Thank you.
The individual countries in the EU don't necessarily have to follow the EU advisory. So far, at least France has not made any changes - but we shall see.
Wayne Fox 1
We can all thank the anti-mask, anti-vaccine and conspiracy theorists for the latest pandemic surge. There is no evidence proving that the vaccines are anything other than safe and effective.
Roy Hunte 1
I wonder what they consider 'essential'.
joel wiley 1
Pallets of cash, disinfected of course.
Regardless of the efficacy of the vaccine, we will continue to chase this virus to ad nauseam. It replicates in the same way as the common cold (anyone heard of a cure for it lately?) and mutates as fast as the most flu (already 2 variants).
Of the 23 companies working on the Covid virus in early 2020, Lilly and Gillead were dealing with a treatment, but for some reason have not been heard from in a long time.
I won't get into the mask/no-mask debate, but having been in medicine since 1973 I have never seen so many "it works"/"it doesn't work" claims about anything in my life and I know one of the two must be correct.
No one seems to want to step back and evaluate the whole picture. If the numbers of deaths and amount of "surges" were as high as claimed, there would be no human alive on this planet by now. And, because any YouTube pundit is held with the same authority as those who have long time experience and education in a particular field, we continue to believe lies and are willing to fight to the death about it.
They just approved off track gambling in my home state. Perhaps we should consider how we approach the Covid virus nothing more than a chance to "beat the odds".
Patrick Wahle 0
Maybe Americans should start looking into their own backyard. We are september 2nd and Canadians cannot enter the USA by foot, on bicycle or by car, meanwhile Americans have been able to come to Canada since August 7.
I see the Peace Bridge from my home and since March 2020 thousand of trucks, vans, couriers, workers are crossing each day without any specific procedures. So I am amazed how smart is this coronavirus; it can detect who are the essential travellers because my friend who is Customs officer and check the drivers’ papers has never seen an infected traveller during their random testing. So Covid-19 should be designated your Time Magazine the coronavirus of the year for its perspicacity and behaviour.


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