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Hawaiian Airlines diverted 2 flights in less than 12 hours after one passenger assaulted a flight attendant and another refused to wear a mask

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Two Hawaiian Airlines flights were diverted Thursday over disturbances from unruly passengers. One of the flyers assaulted a flight attendant walking down the aisle in an "unprovoked incident." The unruly passenger on the other flight refused to wear a mask. Hawaiian Airlines diverted two flights in under 12 hours this week after unruly passengers onboard caused disturbances. On Thursday morning, a flight from Honolulu to Hilo was forced to return to the airport after "a passenger… ( المزيد...

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mary susan watkins 1
this continuting "controversy" over mask wearing whether on an airplane or at a store,is ridiculous..the virus is still not under control,even with vaccinations and masks,although it has been "pushed back" ..rules and regulations are there for a reasin..when tsa was started,lots of people didnt like that either,and that regulation is still with us!
avionik99 -3
Stop forcing mask requirements! I have been vaxed and will wear a mask when appropriate to do so, which means I dont care if you do or not. To disrupt a flight over mask mandate is ridiculous!! Take responsibility for your own protection and not worry about the other guy!

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