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China-Based DJI, Leading Supplier of UAS/UAV to U.S. Law Enforcement, Hid Chinese Government Backing

Chinese drone maker DJI is banned by the Pentagon and blocked by Treasury from receiving U.S. investments. At the same time, DJI grew to become the source of 90% of the UAV/UAS operated by U.S. public safety agencies and 77% of U.S. amateur drones, according to recent analysis. DJI's opaque web of investor entities extends eventually to powerful State agencies. ( More...

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Randy Brown 23
Every deal with ANY Chinese entity is with the government.
Anything made there gives away technology.
We beat Russia by NOT sending them money.
China is beating us BECAUSE we send them money.
M.F. LaBoo 14
As an amateur rocketeer, i build from "bamboo, linen and piano wire". Amateur droners, the resources are available for you to do the same (hardware and software both). Give it a try and put a crimp in DJI's market share while learning UAVs from the inside out and the ground up :-)
Mark Jenkins 6
I think that many people who buy quadcopter style drones are really buying a camera platform, not a flying machine. I doubt that many of them are all that interested in trying to DIY a platform when an affordable, functional product is available for purchase.
Karl Scribner 5
I agree. As a life long photographer it’s quite a great platform for taking some stunning aerial photos, the “toy copter” is just a much less expensive tool than renting a Cessna 150.

It doesn’t take too much thought to conclude that the flight gps data and images that are stored thru the flight software, to help you find your camera if it slips the surley bonds…and gets lost, can’t be harvested from some storage space in the cloud and combined with similar data from every other dji drone and woven into very detailed surveillance images a whole lot easier than shooting a satellite on one of Elon or Sir Richard’s 1:1 Estes Rockets..or a U-2 sortie.

As an aside, there was a news article in my local are of DJI donating a drone to the city police department adjacent to a military facility that is said to be a command facility for military drones. Makes ya wonder why the Chinese drone company is so civic minded.
srobak 0
Also agreed... I bought a Phantom3 and was blown away at the stability of the gimbal, even when holding the drone in-hand and moving it around. After having used a few different steadicam platforms over the years - I called this the poor man's steadicam. To get a shooting platform as stable as that prior you needed to spend well into 5 digits. The p3 was a game changer.
Mike Williams 5
It looks like another Chinese thing that gets into our safe life. Everything is Chinese except most of us. I am a mongrel with English and German genes.

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SFRobert 2
Nice. A nazi swastika as a logo. What is wrong with you?
wiregold 2
We beat polio and smallpox with vaccines. Nobody said boo about getting vaxxed back then.
srobak 1
like hell they didn't. Read up on the history of both. Polio was 3 years in development and testing before it was offered (not mandated) to the public - and they weren't punished if they didn't get it. The first two incarnations of the polio vax were also pulled because the side effect rates were considered too high (0.17%) - meanwhile the vid vax (which is an oxymoron, as it doesn't immunize) has over 15x that rate and is still being pushed and effectively mandated.

SFRobert 0
With a swastika icon and being antivax, have you got any friends featured here:

Antivaxxers are a dying breed. Literally.
srobak 0
sorry - posted before finished. I have all my immunizations - so not at all anti-vax. But thanks for caring.
srobak -3
Again - it is not a swastika. pay attention. (again). Covid jab ≠ vaccine. Know the difference. Humans are a dying breed. Literally. Injected or not.
SFRobert 3
Yeah, it actually was a swastika, just not red, white, and black and made out of syringes. It appropriates nazi symbology no matter how you want to pretend it doesn’t. And the “covid jab” is a vaccine. Look it up, or as you people like to say it, “do your own research”. I know the difference and you are wrong.

It’s been publicized a lot in recent days that unvaccinated make up 97% of hospital death cases now. The only reasons there are even 3% vaccinated in the hospital death populations are comorbidities and a significant portion of the population is vaccinated. A small number times a big number can still be a significant number. It’s just odds if you understand how that works. So the smaller unvaxxed population are by far the majority of covid cases and deaths.

Functionally, that proves the vaccines are indeed vaccines. And if it quacks like a duck, you’re antivax.
srobak -1
again - not a swastika - but if it appropriates nazi symbology in your eyes - then why don't you give a thought as to exactly why that might be. If it quacks like a duck.... We will wait while you do this.

I think you need to look it up. By definition - vaccination is supposed to result in immunization from disease. In case you haven't been paying any attention to the news for the last 6 months - and especially the last two: IT DOESN'T IMMUNIZE YOU FROM SQUAT. Not only are "vaccinated" people catching it 2 and even 3 times (the same strain, even) - it has been publicized a lot in recent months (not days) that the vaccinated are more susceptible to to catching it than even the unvaxed are - and are suffering more effects from it.

Ergo - it is absolutely not a vaccine. It is an injection. Period.

Your numbers are actually flipped on the deaths, btw - and you completely skipped over the fact more than 75% of all *vid deaths are of those with 4+ co-morbidities. This info was released a month ago by the CDC and puts the risk factor of those people on par with the annual flu.

I have my immunizations, which were administered via vaccine. What I do not have is the covid injection, as it is not a vaccine, nor does it result in immunization.

Quack quack.
SFRobert 1
Your post is total bs. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just another idiot antivaxxer. The fact is that vaccines don’t provide 100% protection. They provide resistance. If you can’t see how much vaccines protect you when 97% of those who die are unvaccinated, you’re as stupid as I bet you are. And finally comes the admission that you aren’t vaxxed. You tried to be Aaron Rodgers with your immunization bs.

Get familiar with You might just end up there.
srobak 0
My post is not BS. It is a statement of fact. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that it is BS.

Straight from the HHS website: A vaccination is an injection you are given with the vaccine itself to become protected against a disease. Immunization is what the body does after it receives the injection.

That's pretty clear and straightforward, so try to follow along, ok?

Not only has the covid injection not resulted in protection from covid (with over 60% of the recipients contracting covid within days, weeks or less than 3 months after the injection), but it also clearly did not immunize them from it.

Again - not an anti-vaxxer... but I am anti-covid injection. I have a lengthy record of vaccinations which have resulted in immunizations. As the covid injection is not one which meets those two criteria - I have not received it. I have been clear on this from the start - there is no A-Rog about it. You simply cannot read the words which are written.

The only BS here is your 97%... but go on believing what you want. You will anyhow. And you are free to do so - but do not think you have any place to tell anyone else how to live their lives.
SFRobert 0
No, srobak, it’s bs. You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you think 97% of covid deaths being among unvaccinated isn’t real, it is. If you think the vaccines don’t provide protection, they do. If you understood how to read a paper, digest, or summary, you could understand that.

You are a covid antivaxxer. That’s exactly what you are. People like you have directly caused somewhere around 300,000 deaths in this country.

I can’t force you to get vaccinated but I can counter your misinformation and lies.

The vast majority of hospitalizations are among unvaccinated. 97% are unvaccinated. All anyone needs to do is look that up. Or go to SorryAntivaxxer and read the posts by those documenting hospital stays on facebook before they die. Some are in wards where ALL beds are antivaxxers and ALL deaths are antivaxxers.

Anyone thinking srobak has even a hint of a clue would do well to look at the numbers. Betting with srobak means putting your life and the lives of others around you at risk. Go look at all the case histories of antivaxxers as they themselves or their loved ones chronicle their sicknesses and eventual deaths. Out of over three hundred featured on that website, you can count the survivors with the fingers on one hand. Go look. There are pages and pages of antivaxxers who drown in their own blood. It’s like waterboarding but they did it to themselves. Dead cat bounce and all. Stupid to the end except in a few cases where victims plead with others to get vaccinated to spare themselves the pain and suffering they went through until they died.

Anyone betting their life ought to bet wisely. Srobak is no source of vaccine information unless you like playing Russian Roulette.
SFRobert 0
And, srobak, that part about why vaccinated get covid and your ignorant definition of vaccines, you simply don’t understand how it all works.

As already noted - vaccines and immunizations are not 100% guarantees you won’t get something but they do lessen severity and reduce transmission. Again, if the covid vaccines are so ineffective, why are 97% of those dying unvaccinated.

Your claim that getting the vaccine increases odds of getting covid is simply false and shows you don’t understand how numbers work. As more get vaccinated, since the vaccines don’t provide 100% protection, of course some vaccinated get covid. But check the results - very few of those vaccinated who get covid require hospitalization and very damn few die. Again, it should be simple but for you maybe not - just look at how many in hospitals are unvaccinated and how many who die are unvaccinated. If the vaccines didn’t provide protection, why are the unvaccinated so close to 100% who are dying? Shouldn’t it be 50:50 on a normalized basis? It’s not even close to 50:50. It’s 97:3.

Go pump ivermectin up your hiney, drink bleach, eat hydroxychloroquine, drink your own urine, or whatever the current fad is among people with your edumacation level. It doesn’t help. It’s all misinformation developed and propagated by people like yourself - people who can’t read a scientific paper, understand statistics, or whatever else you are lacking to end up in the wrong about what are probably the safest vaccines in the history of mankind.

You obviously don’t understand how vaccines work and can’t seem to get what that 97:3 death rate means. It’s only your life you’ve betting. But worse than that, you come here and post everywhere you can that vaccines don’t work. You are trying to convince others to risk their lives. You know how many have died from your brand of covid misinformation? About 300,000 people have died. That’s how many died since last summer after most who wanted vaccines here could get them. That’s a lot of unnecessary death, srobak. How many are yours?

And you really should go look at It’s a running tally of people like yourself who spread the antivax gospel only to get covid and die or suffer severe health consequences, decimated savings, pain and suffering for weeks before they succumb, besides wrecking our healthcare system and denying care to others. Get covid and die and you might be a worthy candidate. It’s educational to go look. All rabid antivax trumpers who believed the Joe Rogan/Aaron Rodgers or Fox or other rando facebook source for quack medical guidance.

I got vaccinated and I’m fine. Meanwhile a whole branch of my family on my wife’s side went unvaxxed and are just now recovering from covid after lots of fun being sick as dogs. They didn’t need hospitalization and didn’t die, but it wasn’t easy. All because like you, they couldn’t tell fact from fiction or good information from bad.

You do a deadly disservice to others here by spreading your crap. You don’t know what you’re talking about and it threatens other peoples lives. This forum isn’t about covid but you sure try to turn it that way. Just like all the other antivaxxers, you have no respect for others or the facilities you use to spread your bile. Piss off.
srobak 0
Really? The Joe Rogan blame approach? Quite pathetic and laughable on your part, but ok.

Why would someone go to a propaganda website to get their facts, instead of from the neutral party instead? Your 97:3 is not only wrong, but it is a gross manipulation of the facts, and are as put forth by your propaganda site.

Check again with HHS and CDC and you will find that almost 60% of those in the hospital this last round (past 2 months) were in fact "vaxxed". Oops. That doesn't fit the narrative - so you will simply ignore it or discard it, especially as it isn't on your propaganda site.

I never said one thing pro or con about the alt treatment methods you rattled off - so you can come down out of that tree. As for being the safest vax in the history of mankind.... LOLOLOL! You must be mainlining the koolaid. The negative side effect rate is a full FIVE TIMES that which got the first polio vax incarnation pulled back (there were 3 tested btw - before the final one with less than 0.17% side effects was released (not forced, shamed, bribed, penalized or mandated) to the public.

Yes, it is *MY* life I am betting, and that is up to me. Not you and not Brandon. I am not trying to convince others to risk their lives. Unlike the radical, whackadoo libturds I say everyone is free to make their own choice. Unlike the radical, whackadoo libturds I am not going to try to force someone to do something they don't want to and to bend to my will. Unlike the radical, whackadoo libturds I am not so narcissistically, egotistical and self-important that I think I have any ability to control the acts of others, or that I have a place to shame them or penalize them or meddle in their livelihoods if they do not conform to my decrees. That's your boat. Not mine.

Since you have tried to manipulate my words (again) I will set them straight (again), and this will be for the LAST fkin time - so "pay attention class".... and stop with the reading in between the lines. I say what I mean and I mean what I say - so instead of making up chit from in between them - try reading the ACTUAL lines:

Vaccinations immunize. The covid injection does not immunize. Therefor it is not a vaccination. It is a shot. An injection. A treatment at best (albeit one that is easily defeated). But it is not a vax or an immunization. Period.

What you or anyone else chooses to do with that factual information, or any of the other information out there floating around - factual or otherwise - IS COMPLETELY UP TO YOU. I am not here to convince you or anyone else of anything. You need to think for yourself based upon the information available, and the historical facts and the raw numbers of what has happened with this entire debacle of a pandemic. If you prefer to drink the koolaid and follow the lemming in front of you without exercising any level of self-thought and critical thinking - then that is up to you, too.

Trump is as useless and as much of an idiot as you are, I have not once listened to Rogan and A-rog can fall off the highest bleachers at Lambeau for all I care. I don't listen to nor care about any of them. Neither should you. I think for myself and I follow the numbers. I have posted them multiple times in the threads here over the past couple of years, but I will run them and post the updated ones for you here at the end of this post. These are the real, hard numbers - as posted by the CDC. So - if they don't line up with your spouted paranoia - you can take it up with them. Not me.

According to your statistics - your wife's side of the family should have all dropped dead... or at least 97% of them. Seems like the only bad information they had was your statistic - and they beyond beat the odds. I guess they should all buy powerball tickets or go throw a G on the roulette wheel at the nearest casino. Or maybe they saw the reality and the numbers with their own eyes, too - and took what they decided was an acceptable risk vs. an experimental med with a high number of side effects.

I am sorry you think that raw, factual numbers are crap, and that you think the definition of vaccine is crap - but your blame for both of those does not lie with me. It is not deadly nor a disservice to post the facts. To claim my words cause the death of others is fatly ludicrous, scatterbrained and downright unhinged on your part. It is also libelous... so think how much more you opt to push that agenda.

I did not make the forum about covid. I responded with facts and numbers to the people who turn every thread into covid. Blame them, not me. Root cause.

And again: anti covid-injection ≠ anti-vax. There is a massive difference - another fact you cannot seem to wrap your pea-brain around. I have a very lengthy record of vaccinations which result in immunization. I do not have an entry for the covid injection / non-vax / non-immunization.

My medical history and records are none of your concern. Nor are they Brandon's. Piss off - both of ya.
SFRobert 0
Srobak, you’re great at reporting percentages but you seem to miss the part about small percentages of big numbers being big numbers too. Our hospitals have been overflowing and staff pushed beyond breaking points. People needing common care have been denied and too many died. Kept from care by people like yourself. This is why there have been mandates. You idiots crippled the healthcare system.

And percentage all you want, hospitals have been full of unvaxxed. The morgues are full of unvaxxed. Yep, there are a few vaxxed, and partially vaxxed, but it’s almost exclusively you guys sick and dying. Please do carry on.

The covid vaccines are just as much immunizations as any others. Yes, there are some differences in how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines create the immune response, but they are still vaccines. I trust the definitions used by medical authorities. Not your made-up fringe covid denier version.

And your numbers look very wrong. You provide no citations to verify and the numbers I’ve seen at the CDC website simply don’t agree with what you posted here. You’re either making things up or quoting a bad source - facebook posters, maybe? You aren’t actually quoting CDC data by everything I can tell. The overall risk of covid death in the US is 1.2% which is higher than every age category you posted except for age 80+. There’s a lot of younger antivaxxers dying too. Your data is bogus and it’s telling you don’t cite sources.

It is a deadly disservice when you post misinformation about a deadly virus. Anyone taking your twisted advice is gambling their life. Luckily treatments are much better now and hospital populations are starting to come down. But another variant comes and you idiots may start all over. Fine with me.
srobak 0
I posted the sources. It's upon you to go look at them. and It's not hard.

You are flatly lying with the rest of your post - and even the whackadoo media reported a couple weeks ago that the people in the hospital were admitted for non-covid issues, found to have covid after the fact - and that 60+% of them were "vaxxed". The only people being denied treatments are those who have not been "vaxxed". Kidneys, heart transplants, etc are all being denied to people who are not injected - which is flatly cruel and unethical, and I hope the medical establishments who are doing that get sued into non-existence. They are the ones cost people their lives - not me. The morgues are "filling" [sic] at less than 1/3rd the rate they were at this time last year (read: pre-vax).

The definition I posted was from which in turn cites the definition from the WHO. If you don't like it - take it up with them, but both are far more medically qualified than you or your propaganda websites.

% of infected that are dead ≠ % risk of dying. Learn some basic math and statistics, please. With only the numbers of US Population, Covid Infected and Covid dead you can figure all the percentages yourself. They do not add up remotely close to what you are spouting.

The only advice I have given is that people think for themselves. That is hardly deadly advice, nor a gamble.

Past that - your inane ramblings are absolutely drenched in embellishments and your own paranoias, and you seem hell-bent on spreading fear and causing hyper-reactionary panic - which is what got us into this mess in the first place. Consequently - nothing that you post is of any factual, real-world value and will thusforth be dismissed, outright.

Go hide in your cave. The rest of us are more interested in living. Sea ya!
SFRobert 0
Those aren’t sources, numbnuts. I can do that too. Go look at It’s not a citation unless it gives the location of the data being cited and allows others to verify that you aren’t just making numbers up or interpreting the data incorrectly. Do you not know how this works? It’s kind of fundamental to how science works, too - which you don’t seem to know how to do or understand.

Actual pointers to the data are important. That you don’t understand that just reinforces that you are a misinformed amateur who is playing in the deep end without knowing how to swim. You can’t even save yourself.
SFRobert 0
srobak 0
LOL... using your own URL - the Feb 7th Case Mortality rate (meaning: % of people infected which have died) is 1.18%. Literally 0.01% off from what I posted above - likely because my numbers were from what I gathered on Sunday when I originally wrote that post.

That IS NOT the "overall risk of covid death in the US" as you claim - but the risk of those who are even infected. The overall risk - which counts against the entire US population - is 0.27%, as I posted above.

When you make it this easy to disprove you with your own sources - there is clearly nothing left for you to say that is of any value in listening to. Ciao!
SFRobert 1
Jesus, you’re dense.

Run away. Just run away.
srobak 0
I don't run at people who mainline the koolaid. I just stand back and laugh at them.
SFRobert 0
That graph shows the risk of dying for those who get covid at 1.2%. The risk of dying if you’re vaccinated is around 1% of the unvaccinated risk.

Get covid and you currently have a 1 in 100 risk of dying if unvaxxed. If you’re vaccinated your risk is about 1 in 10,000.

I like my odds vaccinated.

Also, omicron is predicted to eventually touch everyone. There’s complicating factors, but your total population numbers are crap and actually depend on vaccinated to keep them as low as you try to make them look. It’s a false sense of security and totally forgets that we’ve had four major variants and could get more. Omicron by being so infectuous swept through the unvaxxed population but luck for you it was less deadly than delta.

Odds are significant we can have a more deadly and more infectious variant and you will be totally unprepared. But do what you want. I hope others are wiser.
srobak 0
ignoring and dismissing the rest of your runaround & scatterbrained bs.... but as I stated before - the survivability rates both for the injected and those who are not are in line with what the rates were before the injection even existed.

btw - did you hear the latest? CDC now suddenly says myocarditis actually is an issue for the injected.... (gee - international studies called that one 6 months ago, and of course whackadoos like you dismissed it as bs). Of course they are trying to save face by simply widening the gap... which by your logic puts them more at risk for covid. Round and round y'all keep dancing - trying to convince each other you are doing the right thing.

In your words: I hope others are wiser.
SFRobert 0
Christ you’re dense. I checked the numbers. It’s 0.004% of those who got the vaccine and about 1/4 of those had covid which itself doubles the chances of this.

0.004% of those who got the vaccine (1 in 250,000) and only 1 in 5 of those died. Note that over 38 million were involved in this study so the numbers should be good.

Contrast that with the number you agree with who die from covid - 1.2 in 100.

You don’t seem very good with math, srobak.

“Of the 38,615,491 vaccinated individuals included in our study, 1,615 (0.004%) were admitted to hospital with, or died from, myocarditis at any time in the study period (either before or after vaccination); 397 (0.001%) of these occurred in the 1-28 days post any dose of vaccine. Of the 1,615 who were admitted or died, 359 (22.2%) had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test, with 287 (17.8%) of these being before vaccination. There were 114 deaths with myocarditis recorded on the death certificate as a cause of death (23 had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test). Of those who have been admitted with, or died from, myocarditis in the 1-28 days postvaccination, 12.7% (18) and 10.7% (9) had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test before the first and second dose ChAdOx1 vaccine, respectively, and 7.4% (7) before the first dose of BNT162b2 vaccine (Table 2).”

But you are not my concern. You’re just like the other antivaxxers I’ve run across. You don’t know how to look things up, you don’t know how to math. You just know how to attempt to manipulate others into the same reckless and dangerous behaviors you apparently practice. I don’t want others to think you know what you’re talking about because you simply don’t have a clue. Both hands and a flashlight kind of thing.

Yes, myocarditis is a possible side effect but roughly one in a million die. Getting covid while unvaccinated is a 1.2 in 100 chance of dying.

The thing I don’t understand is why FlightAware won’t let you use a swastika as your avatar but lets you keep posting deadly misinformation. You endanger their contributors and clients that are also unable to math or research. I say it again, your posting privs need to be revoked. You present a literal danger to others here.
SFRobert 0
And srobak, I don’t care about you or your medical records. I don’t care what covid may do to you except for the general opinion that the fewer vocal antivaxxers the better.

Antivaxxers are still dropping like flies. The daily average is around 2400 covid dead per day though that’s dropping - no thanks to your efforts.

People like you are in too deep. You need interventions and deprogramming. I have zero delusions I’ll convince you of anything. You have your youtube videos and facebook medicine. Are you drinking your own urine yet? I just wanted to counter your antivax bs in the hopes that you don’t convince others to be as stupid.
srobak 0
keep posting your lies and your spewage. The only one here who needs deprogramming is you. Dropping like flies.... right. No youtube videos involved, and fb is not a medical source.

Anti covid injection (because it is not a vax - we've been over this) ≠ anti-vax. We've been over this too. But the more continue to stick your fingers in your ears and go "la la la" the more ignorant you become.

You are flatly brainwashed and outright paranoid. Keep hiding in your cave. The rest of us will live our lives.... and you will be dead n gone long before us.
srobak 0
Math time!

USPOP: 332,481,702 ( as of Sunday morning) (up 48,000 from last month)
USCOVID: 76,400,000 of USPOP has been infected ( as of Sunday morning). (up 12,300,00 from last month - a 19.18% increase, and last month was a 13.3M (18%) increase over Dec)

22.97% of USPOP is infected. 23 in every 100 people. (16% increase from last month, which was an 18% increase from Dec)

USCOVDEAD: 901,000 ( as of Sunday morning)

1.17% of infected die. 98.93% of those infected survive (up 0.26% from last month). 2.34 of every 200 infected die (0.26 fewer than last month)
0.27% of USPOP die. 99.73% of all people in the US survive. 499 out of every 500 people survive

Simple. Basic. Math.

These numbers are in line with the rates even prior to the vaccination being available, +/- 0.03%

The reality is, as it has been - that despite the continued, massive jump in injections - the death rate is falling, as has been the case from the beginning.

It has been over 700 days since the start of this mess. You have been exposed by now. You're alive. Live your life.

Now - you want to know the real risks you have for death from covid, beyond the raw numbers above? Sure you do....

Here are the covid death probability statistics in the US (total USPOP, without the vax)

[2.4% COVID Risk Age 80+]
1.1% chance of dying by suicide
1% chance of dying of an opioid overdose
0.9% chance of tripping over and dying
0.9% chance of dying in a motor vehicle crash
[0.6% COVID Risk Age 70-79]
0.3% chance of dying in a gun-crime shooting
[0.07% COVID Risk Age 50-59]
0.06% chance of dying in a fire
0.04% chance of choking to death
[0.02% COVID Risk Age 40-49]
0.01% chance of dying of sunstroke
0.01% chance of dying in an accidental gun discharge
[0.007% COVID Risk Age 30-49]
0.007% chance of dying due to electrocution, radiation, extreme temperatures, and pressure
[0.002% COVID Risk Age 20-29]
0.001% chance of dying in a cataclysmic storm
0.001% chance of being mauled to death by a dog
0.001% chance of being stung to death by wasps and bees
[0.0005% COVID Risk Age 10-19]
0.0007% chance of being killed by lightning
[0.0001% COVID Risk Age 5-9]
srobak 10
raise your hand if you are at all surprised or didn't already know that DJI had federal hooks in it.

Geesh - is this really news? Who the hell didn't know this? Literally *everything* that china is in business doing is under the control of and gives benefit to the chinese government. If anyone didn't know this - they haven't been living on earth for the last few decades.
Ken Hardy 13
The United States and its Industrial base has sold its soul to China over the years, now we are paying the price. We have lost the technology war with China and don't even know it yet. China has as much advanced technology as we do in Aviation especially militarily. The Biden Administration is a bunch of losers when its comes to dealing with China, they have no clue what they are up against.
Duane Mader 12
Many politicians on both sides have made piles of $ from China
Richard Haas 4
I would point the finger at Walmart. They did not tell vendors to go to China. They just told them they had to have the lowest price--which meant China.
David Ingram 2
Piles of money. They're all guilty. They saw Mexico was good and no one hung them and China was even better only China stole the tech.
F. M. 5
Don't think for a minute that President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is the ONLY relative of a politician that benefited financially from a relationship with China. That sort of thing has probably been going on for decades and is not exclusive to one political persuasion.
SFRobert -3
Trump was just as happy to do business with China, Ken. He just complained in public which made some think he was different. He wasn’t any different.

We do need to divorce financially from China, though. They steal our technology and compete against us with it. Now they can shut us down any time they want.

But take a breath. If anyone will actually do something about this it’s Biden and the democrats. Let’s leave the partisan bs out of these discussions.
Karl Scribner 1
Almost spit my Wheaties when I read that….wait ‘til,GM’s finished building their plants and teaching them how to build cars and get tossed to,the curb with nary a thank you very much for the ‘investment’.
Doug Dornbos 1
"If anyone will actually do something about this it’s Biden and the democrats. Let’s leave the partisan bs out of these discussions."

Isn't speculating the superiority of one party over the other "partisan BS?" LOL!!!
Ken Hardy 0
Biden won't do anything, his actions are dictated by his handlers not him, he's just a Trojan horse for his Party
SFRobert 2
You want a seditious criminal and grifter instead?
Ken Hardy 0
Love Biden if you want but he's senile and worthless as are most of his incompetent staff appointments. Trump is no hero of mine but at least he can answer questions without having to read from staff prepared notes
wiregold -1
Sleepy Joe is a lost cause while Trump has never answered questions about his tax returns.
Both parties are complicit in giving American tech to China, dating back to Clinton's early days. I know, I prepared and shipped four cutting-edge digital signal analyzers "on loan" as sale of the equipment was prohibited (they returned two). Hewlett-Packard wanted to sell Lazer-Jet printers in China. 3 years later China fielded the Silkworm anti-ship missile after reverse engineering our signal analyzer while HP made $$$ selling printers. We even showed them how we developed the tech, including source code and production stations.
I complained to management we were destroying American jobs by the transfer and received the response, "we'll build something else".
Sleepy Joe beat Trump. sad!
srobak -3
he couldn't beat himself in a napping drag race.
Ken Hardy 1
Yor are correct, it's always been money over common sense, I said years ago, when both the US and Europe ran to China with their joint ventures we were screwed. Boeing and Airbus along with GE and Rolls gave away the technology store for Chinese money now they control us, and we can't do anything about it except whine. the same with our universities letting Chinese students in and once they absorbed all they could, they went back to China.
I can't believe any thinking person would make such a statement! Do you like open borders, spiraling crime, inflation, lost pipe line jobs, counterculture, vaccination mandates, defund police.....?
Sounds like the last few years of the last administration.
srobak -3
you must work for cnn... lol - reporting the opposite of reality.
**Grabs bucket of popcorn**

I'm just here to watch the political rhetoric and hatred between posters.....carry on....
Mark Skipper 2
This was common knowledge?
srobak -1
btweston 1
Shocked. Shocked!
Wes Rheinish -1
Bullshit,, you are full of crap
David Teague 0
So sick and tired of people in the West criticising China and Russia. A simple body count of the innocent civilian casualties that have occurred as a result of the wars waged or funded by the West in its pursuit of minerals and resources exposes the real aggressors. Another count of the military bases owned and operated thousands of miles from home countries is another indication of which countries want to control by force. The Chinese and Russians may not be the real threat to this world. I am far more wary of the lies, manipulations and propaganda of some politicians and multi national companies in the West. Covid-19 body count is another indicator of which countries have a disciplined and sensible population.
WhiteKnight77 1
And yet China is building ports and military bases in contested islands from reclaimed materials and is looking to add another base in Africa.

That China was able to build bases from nothing is a direct result of the US not being in a particular country that lays claims to some of those contested island. I lay that at the feet of the politicians of that country, but with people such as yourself, you would give everything away to either of those countries.
btweston 1
No, they are nuts.


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