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Black Hawk helicopter flies uninhabited for the first time

A UH-60 Alpha-model Black Hawk helicopter flew for the first time entirely unmanned as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) program, Sikorsky announced Feb. 8. ( More...

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George Lane 17
"Uninhabited?" So there was nobody claiming the helicopter as their domicile? :)
Roy Hunte 4
Strange house. Lol
D T Nelson 4
Perhaps the writer is one of those over-sensitized types and was trying to avoid the use of the word "unmanned."
James Gallegos 1
Agreed! I think "pilotless" would have aptly described the event and not put the writer in jeopardy in this new world we live in where pronouns rule the day!
SorenTwin 2
Pilotless, unmanned, unoccupied and uninhabited are all terms that are used in the industry.
Dan Chiasson 0
But we are not all "from the industry" and as such a more common term was in order. All IMHO.
Juan Jimenez 2
Yeah, definitely a stupid choice of word on the part of some English-challenged typical US college "graduate".
lynx318 1
'We have Blackhawk squatter-bound'
lynx318 1
If inhabited, is there a bedroom and ensuite?
jafrank 1
But it has a fancy tortured acronym - so it has to be successful?
TERRY Smith 4
Does this mean that the next beach-head invasion won't have 'Ride of the Valkyries' as a backing track?
David Rice 3
And no Robert Duval proclaiming what he likes the smell of.
lynx318 1
Just a T800 terminator doing it instead.
john baugh 7
How about "pilotless"?
Bill Butler 1
I was thinking it had to be "unpersoned".
Lee Withers 4
So why have a flying car for the morning commute whenyo can just take the house to work.
skylab72 2
A drone by any other name still drones on.
Ken Mitchell 2
SkyNet Smiles....
David Rice 2
And, of course, waits for the humans to put the M134 Gatling guns also under robotic control! Ha!
lynx318 1
Ventured on this page for this!!😅
Dan Chiasson 2
Creative use of English needless to say. Have we fallen victim to Google translate? My guess is the contributor's first language is not English. No editor on this site?
Never really understand the point of this ...
David Rice 1
The point of robotic control of aircraft (hopefully implemented using AI) is to make air travel safer. I get your point though, exactly when was the last passenger casualty due to commercial aircraft accident in the US? I guess DARPA is doing this to help non-US carriers get safer /s. I’d complain about this use of US tax dollars, but then I took note of what the D in DARPA stands for.
paul trubits 1
13 years ago today. Colgan Air on approach into KBUF
lynx318 1
MATRIX system? where's Neo?
Jesse Carroll 1
WOW...we could fill that sucker up at the Texas southern border fast!
melinda bloom 0
What could possibly go wrong?!?!?!?!
Bill Butler 1
...go wrong...go wrong...go wro,,,,
Gary Eldridge -1
“This unique combination of autonomy software and hardware will make flying both smarter and safer.” Well, we've already seen this sort of thing turn out bad such as with 737 MAX and others. I would be quite hesitant to trust my life to such a thing.
David Rice 1
People said the same thing about fully automated elevators. Technology will advance despite your lack of acceptance, and one day about 20 years from now, passengers will step onto airliners that have no human pilots on board and the safety of this will be accepted in the same way the 737 MAX’s systems have now been accepted.
Robert Mack 1
Mr Rice, I think you are right. Hasn't Mr. Smith openly expressed his desire for a pilotless FedEx fleet in the future and most certainly wouldn't other freight companies follow? I'm not sure of the proper term for it but with conditioning and reasoning why wouldn't people climb aboard?


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